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NPR Podcasts to Feature National Book Festival Authors

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Portrait photos of the authors listed in the caption.
Authors featured in 2021 National Book Festival podcasts from NPR include, from left: Jason Reynolds, Ambreen Tariq, Isabel Allende, Eric Garcia, Brandon Taylor and Kacen Callender.

As part of this year’s effort to let you create your own National Book Festival experience, we have teamed up with NPR to feature six Festival authors in a series of  some of NPR’s most popular podcasts. The Festival-themed podcast episodes will premiere during the 2021 National Book Festival, Sept. 17-26.

Participating podcasts include (dates subject to change):

  • TED Radio Hour interview with New York Times best-selling author and National Ambassador of Young People’s Literature Jason Reynolds about his most recent book “Look Both Ways: A Tale Told in Ten Blocks.” The podcast drops Sept. 17.
  • Shortwave interview with outdoors activist Ambreen Tariq about her book “Fatima’s Great Outdoors.” The podcast drops on Sept. 17.
  • Alt Latino interview with award-winning Chilean author Isabel Allende. The podcast drops on Sept. 19.
  • Life Kit interview with journalist Eric Garcia about his book “We’re Not Broken.” The podcast drops on Sept. 20.
  • It’s Been A Minute interview with author Brandon Taylor about his book “Filthy Animals.” The podcast drops on Sept. 21.
  • Code Switch interview with Kacen Callender, author of multiple novels for children, teens and adults about the National Book Award-winning book “King and the Dragonflies.” The podcast drops on Sept. 22.

Check out today’s news announcement for more information.

Join us for the 2021 National Book Festival, Sept. 17-26. Audiences are invited to create their own festival experience this year, with programs in a range of formats. Subscribe to this blog for future updates on the festival, and visit the festival website.