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Notice to Attendees of the 2015 National Book Festival

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Notice of Settlement and Possible $1,000 Payment If You Attended the 2015 National Book Festival

If you attended the 2015 National Book Festival and you used your credit card or debit card to make a food or beverage purchase at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. on September 5, 2015, your rights may be affected as part of a class action settlement, and you may be able to receive $1,000. For more information about the settlement, please visit

The Library of Congress is not a party to this lawsuit and is providing this notice for informational purposes only. As a subscriber to this blog, you will receive an email notice of this settlement six times within the next 90 days, consistent with the court-approved plan for notification of potential class action members in this case.

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  1. I don’t know if I did make a purchase.

  2. Proof required is a credit card receipt or credit card statement from September 5, 2015. How many people keep an almost 7 year old receipt or any proof of purchase going back to that date? I certainly don’t. I’m not sure even credit card companies retain or would search their records to accommodate my request for proof. The only people making money from this settlement will be the attorneys.

  3. Turns out my bank instituted the 7 year discard rule, so since I did not keep any records from that far back, I’m out of luck. Good luck to the meticulous record-keepers out there who may still have evidence of a purchase!

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