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A woman stands on a stage in front of a backdrop that says "LIBRARY OF CONGRESS" and a podium that reads "National Book Festival / Main Stage"
Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden opens the Main Stage at the National Book Festival, August 31, 2019. (Shawn Miller/Library of Congress)

A New Name and More Content: Important Update About This Blog

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Hello, National Book Festival fans—

Thanks for your continued interest in the Library of Congress National Book Festival. Through this blog, we’ve been able to reach out and provide the latest information on the annual Festival and share lineups, videos, tips for visiting Washington D.C. and more.

Starting tomorrow, instead of a “National Book Festival Blog,” you’ll be receiving posts from “Bookmarked: Celebrating Contemporary Books and Writers at the Library.” Don’t worry: You’ll still get all the Festival updates just like you have in the past.

This new blog will add content from our “From the Catbird Seat: Poetry and Literature” blog to provide you with not only the latest about the National Book Festival, but news and stories about poetry and the poetry scene, connections between contemporary books and the Library’s collections, and interviews with the United States Poet Laureate and the National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature, among other literary content related to the Library.

If you already subscribe to the National Book Festival blog, we’ll rollover your subscription to “Bookmarked” and you don’t need to do anything. If you don’t subscribe already, here’s an easy way to do so, and we hope you do subscribe.

We have been busy putting together our author lineup for this year’s Festival and are building an exciting experience for you. Stay tuned for a big announcement about the 2023 National Book Festival, coming soon.

We’ll see you soon at “Bookmarked”!

Comments (11)

  1. Thank you!

  2. Thank you for involving me in this way. I appreciate knowing how you operate.
    Thank you,
    Linda Dickman BSE, MLS, MFA

  3. For your next festival set aside more money for a better poster.

  4. Thank you; I’m looking forward to the new blog format – and to the National Book Festival author lineup!

  5. I just joined, or selected this newsletter. Is this iteration necessary?

  6. Not again.
    I give up.
    If I get this requested newsletter, wonderful. But I have learned, painfully, the tipping point between how much is enough and how much is more than enough.
    And how do I send this last effort?

  7. Sounds exciting — a great way to celebrate Spring, and maybe better news from Our Nation’s Capital! Hope springs eternal, and Spring is in the air! Thank you for all you to keep us informed and engaged!

    Hope the cherry blossoms bloom to remind us of our heritage and to inspire us to keep on blooming!

  8. Is there a plan for an in person National Book Festival Weekend event in 2023? If so, when are dates expected to be announced? This is a highlight of the year for some of us who travel in from out of town for the event!

    • Hi Robin, yes, we will be announcing the date of this year’s Festival very soon!

  9. Yay! Moving beyond just the Festival, would love to hear about fiction and historical fiction
    (Picoult, Patchett, Bohjalian, Robotham, Larson, etc.)

  10. Great!!!

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