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New BARD Additions-November 2019

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During November the NLS Music Section added the following titles in audio and braille to BARD. (Braille and Audio Reading Download.) This edition includes favorites from Chopin and Rachmaninoff and popular artists like Jimi Hendrix and other well-known tunes. Some of the braille scores are partially proofread, designated by the letters PP after the BRM call number.  To report errors, please contact the Music Section.


Turkish March (DBM 03972) Bill Brown teaches the Turkish March by Mozart.

Larghetto in F (DBM 03957) Bill Brown teaches this late beginner piano piece by Mozart.

I Need Thee Every Hour (DBM 03954) Bill Brown teaches this early advanced solo/jazz piano arrangement of this hymn.



Diero, Piero. Chanticleer, Prelude. Accordion solo. (BRM22187) PP.

Rheinberger, Josef. Sonata no. 8 in e minor, op. 132. (BRM 01524) PP.

Paganini, Nicolò. La Campanella, The Bell. (BRM 22188) PP.


Duarte, John W. Jazz and Popular Song. (BRM32335).

Villa-Lobos, Heitor. Douze etudes, (BRM29453).

Music Theory

Watson, Edward. 700 Musical Terms: Their Correct Pronunciation. (BRM 35434).


Alcock, Walter Galpin, Sir. Introduction and Passacaglia. (BRM12518) Bar-by-bar format.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints General Music Committee. Guide for Organists. (BRM22144) PP.

Elgar, Edward. Sonata in G, op. 28, Allegretto. (BRM12515) Bar-by-bar format.

Lemare, Edwin H. Pastorale in E. (BRM01359) Bar-over-bar format.

Peeters, Flor. How Lovely Shines the Morning Star, (Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern) No. 7 of 30 chorale preludes for organ, book II, op. 68. (BRM23100) Bar-over-bar format.

Richter, Ada-Ware, Charles. Parts one and two for Spinet Organ. (BRM22113) PP. Bar-over-bar format.

Vaughan Williams, Ralph. Three Preludes (founded on Welsh tunes). (BRM 29679) Bar-by-bar format.

Vierne, Louis. Final: last movement of Symphony No. 1 in D, op. 14. (BRM24847) Bar-by-bar format.


Albéniz, Isaac. Zambra Granadina, Danza Oriental. (BRM36801) Bar-over-bar format.

En la Playa, no. 7 from Recuerdos de Viaje, (BRM27946) Bar-over-bar format.

Bartók, Béla. Suite, op. 14, piano solo. (BRM24760) Bar-over-bar format.

Benjamin, Arthur. Jamaican Rumba. Piano duet. (BRM23905) Bar-over-bar format.

Brahms, Johannes. Waltzes, op. 39. Piano duets, two pianos, four hands. (BRM00109).

Carroll, Walter. First Piano Lessons, Book 1, Scenes at a Farm. (BRM25363) Bar-over-bar format.

Chopin, Frédéric. Nocturne, op. posth. 72, no. 1 (BRM34457) Bar-over-bar format.

Deux nocturnes, op. 27 (BRM34445) Bar-over-bar format.

Trois nocturnes, op. 15 (BRM34443) Bar-over-bar format.

Works for the pianoforte: Scherzos and Fantaisie (BRM 22966) PP (includes only scherzo).

Ferguson, Howard. A Keyboard Anthology, second series, Book 1, grades 1 and 2 (BRM28395) Bar-over-bar format.

A Keyboard Anthology, second series, Book 4, grade 6. (BRM28503). Bar-over-bar format.

Ginastera, Alberto. Danzas Argentinas, piano solo. (BRM20534) PP Bar-over-bar format.

Handel, G.F. Largo. (BRM33251) PP.

Ireland, John. Soliloquy, for piano. (BRM26213) Bar-over-bar format.

Haydn, Joseph. Sonata in E minor, Hob. XVI, 34 (BRM28772) Bar-over-bar format.

Sonata in C minor, Hob. XVI, 20 (BRM 25478) Bar-over-bar format.

Six Sonatinas for piano (BRM10161) Bar-over-bar format.

Kodály, Zolton. Zongora Muzsika, ten pieces for piano solo. (BRM22134) PP Bar-over-bar format.

MacDowell, Edward. Second Concerto in D minor, op. 23. Solo part only. (BRM22140) PP.

Mendelssohn, Felix. Fantasia in F minor, op. 28. (BRM01385) PP.

Mozart, W.A. Konzert in B für Klavier und Orchester, Concerto in B-flat major for piano and orchestra, k. 595, (BRM34495) Bar-over-bar format.

Rachmaninoff, Sergei. Preludes for piano, op. 23, no. 3. (BRM35022) Bar-over-bar format.

Preludes for piano, op. 32, no. 3 (BRM35050) PP Bar-over-bar format.

Preludes for piano, op. 32, no. 4 (BRM35051) PP Bar-over-bar format.

Preludes for piano, op. 32, no. 5 (BRM00379) PP Bar-over-bar format.

Preludes for piano, op. 32, no. 10 (BRM35066) PP Bar-over-bar format.

Scarlatti, Domenico. Sonata in F minor, k. 519/l.475 (BRM28514) Bar-over-bar format.

Schubert, Franz. Impromptus, D899 (op. 90) (BRM29617) Bar-over-bar format.

Valses Nobles (BRM00440) PP Bar-over-bar format.

Moments Musicales, op. 94, no. 1. (BRM22229) PP Bar-over-bar format.

Tchaikovsky, Peter. Overture 1812, op. 49. Arranged for piano. (BRM11534) Bar-by-bar format.


Fauré, Gabriel, Casals, Pablo. Après un Rêve, arranged for cello. (BRM22136) PP.


Backer, B. I’d like to Teach the World to Sing in Perfect Harmony, (BRM22202) Voice and piano, line-by-line and bar-over-bar format.

Britten, Benjamin. Choral Dances from Gloriana, for mixed voices. (BRM22989).

Debussy, Claude. Ariettes oubliées, (BRM29451). Line-by-line and bar-over-bar format.

Dufay, Guillaume, Se la Face ay Pale, Mass for four-part chorus, a cappella (BRM36166).

Duparc, Henri. Eleven Songs for High Voice and Piano, (BRM22130) PP Line-by-line and bar-over-bar format.

Finzi, Gerald. Oh Fair to See: Seven Songs for High Voice and Piano. (BRM 30647).

Gardner, Maurice. One Box-top, SATB with optional piano. (BRM22182) PP.

Handel, G.F. Frondi Tenere and Ombra mai fù, from Xeres, (BRM 01302) PP. Voice and piano in bar-by-bar format.

I Will Exalt Him, SATB and organ or piano. (BRM22146) PP Line-by-line and bar-over-bar format.

Hendrix, Jimi. Voodoo Child, (BRM21931). Voice and piano, line-by-line and bar-over-bar format.

Martin, George C. Sir. Ho! Every One that Thirsteth, anthem for bass solo and chorus (BRM36299).

Morley, Thomas. April is in my Mistress’ Face. Madrigal, SATB (BRM23934).

Mozart, W.A. Requiem Mass, soprano chorus, (BRM 20272).

Schubert, Franz. Margaret at the Spinning Wheel, Gretchen am Spinnrade (BRM13132) Section-by-section and bar-by-bar format.


Bach, J.S. Drei Sonaten für Flöte und Klavier, BWV 1033-1035, (BRM22145) PP.

Burton, Eldin. Sonatina for Flute and Piano. (BRM 22143) PP. Section-by-section and bar-over-bar format.

Chaminade, Cécile. Concertino for Flute and Piano, op. 107. (BRM22137) PP. Section-by-section and bar-over-bar format.

Hovey, Nilo W. Edwards Hovey Method, book one. For trumpet or cornet. (BRM22128) PP.

Nagel, Richard. Baroque Music for Trumpet, (BRM22147) PP.

Pollock, Malcolm, Cheese, Bernard, Heath, Paul. Abracadabra Flute: the way to learn through songs and tunes. (BRM 29607).

If you wish to order hard copies of any of the above materials, please contact the music section by e-mail ([email protected]) of by telephone (1-800-424-8567, ext.2).

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