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New BARD Additions: May 2020

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Greetings from the NLS Music Section, music lovers! During the month of May, the NLS Music Section made the following talking books and braille music scores available to download from BARD (Braille and Audio Reading Download). We’re very pleased to announce that the Music Section has added podcasts from Smithsonian Folkways Recordings to its audio collection! Sounds to Grow On and Tapestry of the Times both feature an immense variety of folk and traditional music from throughout the United States and all around the world. Listen to an episode and your ears will thank you! We’ve also worked hard to add dozens of new braille music scores to BARD, including a Nat King Cole songbook, Leonard Bernstein’s Chichester Psalms, and many pieces for solo flute or flute ensemble. Enjoy!

If you are new to BARD, you may find the following links helpful: Braille and Audio Reading Download (BARD) and BARD Access. If you would like to learn more about the NLS Music Section, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-424-8567, or e-mail us at [email protected].

Talking Books

Sounds to Grow On from Smithsonian Folkways

Sounds to Grow On. Program #1. Introduction (DBM04064)

Sounds to Grow On. Program #2. My Favourite Things (DBM04065)

Sounds to Grow On. Program #3. The Midnight Special (DBM04066)

Sounds to Grow On. Program #4. The Harlem Renaissance (DBM04067)

Sounds to Grow On. Program #5. The Unfortunate Rake (DBM04068)

Sounds to Grow On. Program #6. Bluegrass (DBM04069)

Sounds to Grow On. Program #7. Animal Songs (DBM04070)

Sounds to Grow On. Program #8. Broadsides (DBM04071)

Sounds to Grow On. Program #9. Going to the Dogs (DBM04072)

Sounds to Grow On. Program #10. Tony Schwartz (DBM04073)

Sounds to Grow On. Program #11. Black and White (DBM04074)

Sounds to Grow On. Program #12. Days of the Week (DBM04075)

Sounds to Grow On. Program #13. Sacco and Vanzetti (DBM04076)

Tapestry of the Times from Smithsonian Folkways

Tapestry of the Times. Episode 5. Songs from New Orleans street singer Snooks Eaglin, Calypso from Trinidad’s Mighty Sparrow, the sounds of Brazilian capoeiristas, music from the mountains of Puerto Rico, lush layers of melody from Zimbabwe, music of the Yupi’k people of Alaska, and gospel from the Sea Islands of Georgia and South Carolina. Plus, Red Allen, Bill Keith, Cisco Houston, and a showcase of female vocal talents: Berzilla Wallin, Peggy Seeger, and Elaine Silver. (DBM04018)

Tapestry of the Times. Episode 6. French Carpenter plays the fiddle tune that won his grandfather’s release from a Civil War prison camp, Texas Gladden sings of a mother’s spectral encounter with the ghosts of her children, and Hatian Vodou practitioners sing a funerary song to release the spirits of the dead. Plus, music from the nation of Benin, Indonesian pop legend Rhoma Irama, Bill Monroe, Josh White, the New Lost City Ramblers, Hazel Dickens and Alice Gerrard, ballads from Scotland and northern Ireland, and four-part harmony a cappella gospel group the Birmingham Sunlights. (DBM04019)

Tapestry of the Times. Episode 7. Outlaw country music from Canada, fiddle tunes from Cape Breton, piano blues from juke joints and barrelhouse bars, cowboy ballads and poems, and melodies in memory of labor songwriter Joe Hill. Plus, a corrido from the U.S.-Mexico borderlands, and Appalachian ballad from Jean Ritchie, the blues guitar of Big Bill Broonzy, and music from Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, and Mike Seeger. (DBM04020)

Tapestry of the Times. Episode 8. Gourd banjo music from Mike Seeger, a rare recording of a young Bob Dylan, vocal harmonies from the Bahamas, calypso from Trinidad, the gentle touch of Brazilian guitar master Luiz Bonfá, and the final performance of folk legend Dave Van Ronk. Plus: Muddy Waters, the bluegrass banjo of Tony Trischka, a cowboy ballad from Lead Belly, merengue tipico from the Dominican Republic, and “Mean Talking Blues” from Woody Guthrie. (DBM04021)

Tapestry of the Times. Episode 9. Historical duet performances from old-time music virtuosos Doc Watson & Bill Monroe, Piedmont Blues legends John Cephas & Phil Wiggins, and women bluegrass pioneers Hazel Dickens & Alice Gerrard, and folk revivalists Harry and Jeanie West. Plus, a contemporary composer from the Navajo nation, Mississippi blues from Big Joe Williams, Kentucky banjo from Lee Sexton, Harry McClintock’s ballad of “Big Rock Candy Mountain,” blues piano from Rufus “Speckled Red” Perryman, the hypnotizing sounds of Indian Tabla Tarang master Pandit Kamalesh Maitra, and music from the Democratic Republic of Congo. (DBM04022)

Tapestry of the Times. Episode 10. Music historian Richard Carlin shares some great recordings of legendary performers like folk hero Woody Guthrie, jazz trail-blazer Mary Lou Williams, and banjo balladeer Dock Boggs. Plus, Doc Watson, music from Indonesia, the blues of Lonnie Johnson, songs of the 1960s sit-ins and freedom riders, Jamaican drumming, and a Haitian work song. (DBM04023)

Tapestry of the Times. Episode 11. Comanche flute music, a Native American cowboy ballad, Carolina medicine show hokum & blues from Pink Anderson, the voice of Langston Hughes, an Appalachian duet by Doc Watson and Jean Ritchie, the shout tradition from the Georgia coast, protest music from Pete Seeger, a feminist anthem from Peggy Seeger, Eastern Kentucky’s “Banjo” Bill Cornett, piano blues from Memphis Slim, the Afghan lute of and the tabla virtuosity of Zakir Hussain, and the sacred rhythms of Cuban Santeria. (DBM04024)

Tapestry of the Times. Episode 12. Banjo ballads from Virginia coal miner Dock Boggs, blues from the blind preacher Reverend Gary Davis, the tropical sounds of Hawaiian folk legend Ledward Kaapana, songs of love and loss from Chile to Canada, and mind-bending sounds from the mountains of Kyrgyzstan. Plus, Cisco Houston, blind Appalachian gospel singer Horton Barker, blues from Big Bill Broonzy and George “Daddy Hotcakes” Montgomery, and a tonada by Violeta Parra. (DBM04025)

Tapestry of the Times. Episode 13. Sweet love ballads and bitter blues from Lonnie Johnson, hard-scrabble songs for lean times from Pete Seeger and Joe Glazer, toe-tapping classics from Brownie McGhee and Sonny Terry, melancholy fado music from Portugal’s Maria Marques, and psalms sung by the Abayudaya of Uganda. Plus, a ballad from Doc Watson and the New Lost City Ramblers perform music by Blind Alfred Reed. (DBM04026)

Tapestry of the Times. Episode 14. Piedmont blues from John Cephas and Phil Wiggins, the poetry of Sterling A. Brown, and Civil Rights singers Bernice Johnson Reagon, Reverend Frederick Douglass Kirkpatrick, and Paul Robeson. Plus, Woody Guthrie, blues from Brownie McGhee and Horace Sprott, a Baltimore sea chantey, the McGee Brothers, Brazilian capoeira music, Alan Mills sings a Canadian land prospector’s lonely ballad, and a Malaysian song learned in a dream. (DBM04027)

Tapestry of the Times. Episode 15. The barrelhouse blues of Little Brother Montgomery, Roscoe Holcomb unleashes his ‘untamed sense of control’ on the banjo, Malian rappers launch a lyrical assault on music piracy, we remember Odetta, the “Voice of the Civil Rights Movement,” and listen back to the radio documentary work of the late great Studs Terkel. Plus, the Texas guitar blues of Blind Willie Johnson, Big Bill Broonzy, Sonny Terry, Brownie McGhee, and funeral music from a blind responsero in Peru. (DBM04028)

Tapestry of the Times. Episode 16. The lightning-fast fingers of banjo picker Eddie Adcock and The Country Gentlemen, Saint Louis blues from the legendary JD Short, a work-song sung by the inmates of a Texas prison camp, a chant learned in a trance by an Inuit medicine man, and a melody from the mountains of North Sumatra. Plus, Hawaiian cowboy musician Clyde Halemaʻumaʻu “Kindy” Sproat, a Scottish ballad, Big Bill Broonzy, the New Lost City Ramblers, Doc Watson, and music from Johns Island, South Carolina. (DBM04029)

Tapestry of the Times. Episode 17. Melodies from Kenya, President Abraham Lincoln in words and song, and excerpts from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have a Dream” speech. Plus, music from the Paschal Brothers gospel quintet, Woody Guthrie, Big Bill Broonzy, and Lead Belly. (DBM04030)

Tapestry of the Times. Episode 18. Bedouin singing from the deserts of Sinai, bottle-neck slide-guitar from Memphis blues man Furry Lewis, 1940s vintage jazz from Mary Lou Williams, vocal harmonies from The Democratic Republic of Congo, a contemporary singer-songwriter from the Navajo Nation, a cowboy ballad from Peter La Farge, talking blues from Woody Guthrie and others, Dave Brubeck’s “Take Five” played on the Middle Eastern oud, and a devotional song from Indo-Caribbean immigrants in Queens, New York. (DBM04031)

Tapestry of the times. Episode 19. Mandolin picking at its finest from “The Father of Bluegrass,” Bill Monroe; lyrical gymnastics from Bahamian traditional singer Stanley Thompson; children’s music from alt-folk performer Elizabeth Mitchell; left-handed guitar legend Elizabeth Cotten; traditional music from the mountains of Puerto Rico; and ballads from Jean Ritchie. Plus, music from Doc Watson, Roger Sprung, Hazel Dickens and Alice Gerrard. (DBM04032)

Tapestry of the Times. Episode 20. The sounds of banjo innovator and connoisseur Tony Trischka, blues from Mississippi’s Big Joe Williams, a horse-race corrido from the Arizona Sonora Borderlands, marimba music from Guatemala, and barrel-house piano blues from Speckled Red. Plus, Pete Seeger, 12-string guitar Gary Davis, a cowboy ballad from Cisco Houston, Lakota and Iroquois songs from Native American women, Mississippi John Hurt, Dave Van Ronk, and conversation and banjo ballads from Ola Belle Reed. (DBM04033)

Tapestry of the Times. Episode 21. The mimetic sounds of mountain herders in the Siberian hinterland of Tuva, tropical music from Jamaica and the Bahamas, merengue from the Dominican Republic, calypso from Trinidad’s Mighty Sparrow, and a slide guitar opus from the West Coast’s “Joe Louis Walker and The Boss Talkers.” Plus, blind musician Sonny Terry on jaw harp with Brownie McGhee on guitar, a dream song from the forests of Malaysia, piano blues from St. Louis bluesman Henry Townsend, and masterful cajun-creole blues from Michael Doucet of BeauSoleil. (DBM04034)

Tapestry of the Times. Episode 22. We celebrate the Big Easy with the late great New Orleans guitarist and singer Snooks Eaglin, we hear New Orleans jazz from The Crescent City Serenaders on “St. James Infirmary,” and we listen back to some vintage Cajun social music. Plus, traditional music of the Mardi Gras Indians, cajun gospel blues from Michael Doucet, Dust Bowl ballads from Woody Guthrie, Malian music from Timbuktu, and an Appalachian ballad from Jean Ritchie. (DBM04035)

Tapestry of the Times. Episode 23. The late great Piedmont blues singer and guitar master John Cephas, New Orleans’ ebullient chanteuse Lizzie Miles, slave shouts from Georgia’s McIntosh County Shouters, rock music from Indonesia and Vodou music from Port au Prince, Haiti. Plus, a 1970s protest song, a civil-rights-era ballad from Josh White, bluesman Blind Reverend Gary Davis, and country blues legends Sam “Lightnin'” Hopkins and Dock Boggs. (DBM04036)

Tapestry of the Times. Episode 24. Sea faring songs from the Outer Banks of North Carolina, an Irish pirate ballad, cowboy songs from Woody Guthrie, Harry Jackson, and Cisco Houston and a spiritual from Moving Star Hall on Johns Island, South Carolina. (DBM04037)

Tapestry of the Times. Episode 25. We hear the soul-soaked boogie woogie piano of Champion Jack Dupree, we check out some 80-year-old original recordings of Blind Willie Johnson, and we explore music forged deep in the coal mines of Appalachia. (DBM04038)

Tapestry of the Times. Episode 26. A Salute to the Lone Star State (DBM04039)

Tapestry of the Times. Episode 27. Ola Belle Reed: An Enduring Legacy (DBM04040)

Tapestry of the Times. Episode 28. Folk Heroes…Human and Otherwise (DBM04041)

Tapestry of the Times. Episode 29. Ladies First: Folkways Female Artists (DBM04042)

Tapestry of the Times. Episode 30. Sounds Like Heaven (DBM04043)

Tapestry of the Times. Episode 31. Pass the Bottle (DBM04044)

Tapestry of the Times. Episode 32. Homeward Bound (DBM04045)

Tapestry of the Times. Episode 33. Ready, Aim, Fire (DBM04046)

Tapestry of the Times. Episode 34. Let’s Eat (DBM04047)

Tapestry of the Times. Episode 35. Singing in the Rain (DBM04048)

Tapestry of the Times. Episode 36. So Long It’s Been Good to Know You (DBM04049)

The Poplin Family of Sumter, South Carolina. The Poplin Family of South Carolina play traditional Anglo-American folk tunes and original songs using banjo, guitar, and mandolin. (DBM03980)

Braille Music Scores


Popper, David. Papillon: opus 3, no 4, for Cello and Piano. Cello part only. Single line format.  (BRM36763)

Schubert, Franz. The Bee (L’abeille), [op. 13, no. 9] for Cello and Piano. Transcribed for cello and piano by Pablo Casals. Single line format. (BRM36764)


Bernstein, Leonard. Chichester Psalms (in three movements). For mixed choir (or male choir), boy solo and orchestra (to be sung in Hebrew). Vocal parts in line by line format and the orchestral reduction for piano in bar over bar format. 6 volumes. (BRM36817)


Albéniz, Isaac. Sevilla. From Suite Española. Contains flute part only. Single line format. (BRM36766)

Altés, Henry. J.P. Rampal et A. Marion présentent Méthod pour flûte: Vol. 1 / Two Cadenzas from Concerto in G major for two flutes by Cimarosa. Système Boehm. Bar over bar format. (BRM36759)

Bach, Johann Sebastian. Concerto in D minor: BWV 1043. Volume 1 contains the solo flute parts in single line format, and volume 2 contains a duet score of the two solo flute parts in bar over bar format. (BRM36754)

Beethoven, Ludwig van. Symphony no. 7, A Major: Flute I. Flute part in single line format. (BRM36779)

Bizet, Georges. A Bizet Notebook, for Solo Flute: Fantasia on Carmen. Contains flute part only. Single line format. (BRM36769)

Gisler-Haase, Barbara. Bühne frei! Leichte bis mittelschwere Bearbeitungen für vier Flöten = Curtain up! Quartets: Easy to intermediate arrangements for four flutes. Arrangements for 4 flutes (with optional alto flute) in single line format. Includes full score in bar over bar format. 2 volumes (BRM36774). This title is also available for flute trio at BRM36773.

Génin, Paul Agricole. Carnaval de Venise: Fantaisie varieé pour flûte et piano, op. 14 = Carnival in Venice: Flute and Piano. Flute part only. Single line format. (BRM36772)

Handel, George Frideric. Sonata in E minor: 2 Flutes and Continuo (violoncello ad libitum). Flute I part only. Single line format. (BRM36751)

Karg-Elert, Sigfrid. Sinfonische Kanzone: für Flöte und Klavier. Flute part only in single line format. (BRM36747)

Mahler, Gustav. Symphonie I, D dur = D major = Ré major: Flute 1. Flute I part for Mahler’s Symphony no. 1 in single line format. (BRM36771)

Purcell, Henry. Rondeau (from Abdelazer): Arranged by David Bennett. Arranged for two flutes in bar over bar format (BRM36761)

Rossini, Giaochino. Romantische Miniaturen für Flöte und Klavier: Bd. 2, no. 10 Andante and Polonaise = Romantic miniatures for flute and piano. Flute part only. Single line format. (BRM36765)

Rossini, Giaochino. William Tell: Overture. Arranged for flute choir in single line (individual parts) and bar over bar (full score) formats. BRM36755

Telemann, Georg Philipp. Twelve Fantasias for the Flute, no. 4.  Single line format. (BRM36758)

Yagisawa, Satoshi. Coloratura: For Flute Quartet. Individual parts in one volume in single line format. (BRM36776)

Yagisawa, Satoshi. Triple Scoop Ice Cream: For Flute Trio. Individual parts in one volume in single line format. (BRM36775)


Ponce, Manuel. Suite in La maggiore = Suite in A major: for guitar. Single line format. (BRM17919)


Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. Theory Paper Grade 8 from 2017. Music theory examination (Grade 8) for the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music in bar over bar format. (BRM36756)

Faber, Nancy. Piano Adventures: Primer Level, 2nd Edition. Includes Lesson, Theory, Technique & Artistry, and Performance books. 4 volumes. (BRM36842)


Debussy, Claude. Nocturnes, I. Nuages, Triptyque symphonique pour orchestre et choeurs. Full orchestral score of “Nuages” from Nocturnes in bar over bar format. (BRM36752)

Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Felix. Symphony no. 4 in A major / A-Dur, op. 90 “Italian.” Full orchestral score in bar over bar format. 9 volumes. (BRM36762)


Nielsen, Carl. Commotio, opus 58. For organ in bar over bar format. 2 volumes. (BRM36746)


Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. Piano Exam Pieces. ABRSM Grade 5: Selected from the 2013 & 2014 Syllabus. “To a Wild Rose” by Edward MacDowell. Bar over bar format. (BRM36753)

Beethoven, Ludwig van. Sonata no. 2, op. 2 in A major. For solo piano in bar over bar format. (BRM29797)

Kreisler, Fritz. Rondino on a Theme of Beethoven. Bar over bar format. (BRM00285)

Mozart, W. A. Sonata in D, K. 311: For the Pianoforte. Bar over bar format. (BRM22205)

Mozart, W. A. Zwölf Variationen in C über das französische Lied “Ah, vous dirai-je Maman” KV 265. For piano in bar over bar format. (BRM36757)

Pärt, Arvo. Variationen zur Gesundung von Arinuschka [and] Für Alina: für Klavier. For piano in bar over bar format. (BRM36750)

Sanderson, W, (Wilfred). Songe d’amour: Piano Duet. Primo part only. Bar over bar format. (BRM36770)

Schubert, Franz. Moment Musical: op. 94, no. 2: Piano. For piano in bar over bar format. (BRM00439)


Nat “King” Cole: Unforgettable. A selection of songs made famous by Nat “King” Cole. For voice and piano with chord symbols in line by line and bar over bar formats. 3 volumes. (BRM36841)

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