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New BARD additions, January 2022

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New BARD additions, January 2022

 It’s a new year, and we’re still here! This month we have added more titles of music appreciation content from Smithsonian Folkways, and from our braille collection, more titles from our international partners via the Marrakesh Treaty. They include music instruction from the Tradition of Excellence series for flute, bassoon and clarinet.

All of our materials on BARD are also available on digital cartridge or in hard copy as braille music. If you prefer to borrow the materials listed below through the mail, please contact the Music Section. You can call us at 1-800-424-8567, or e-mail us at [email protected].


Music appreciation

Dineh Tah Navajo Dancers, American Folklife Center.  Founded in 1993, the Dineh Tah Navajo Dancers promote the understanding of the rich cultural traditions of the Navajo “Dineh” people. Their performances include dances and songs such as the Corn Grinding Act, the Basket Dance, the Bow and Arrow Dance and the Social Song and Dance.  (DBM04412)

LaRance, Nakotah; LaRance, Steve; American Folklife Center. Nakotah LaRance: Native American Hoop Dancing,  Nakotah LaRance (Hopi/Tewa/Assiniboine) of the Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo, New Mexico, began dancing as a fancy dancer, at the age of four. During his travels to pow wows, he met a world champion hoop dancer from his tribe who helped Nakotah by making his first set of hoops and teaching him the basics of hoop dancing. (DBM04413)

Winick, Stephen; Armstrong, Cora Harvey; Cora Harvey Armstrong Gospel Group. In concert, gospel singer Cora Harvey Armstrong is joined by her sisters Clara and Virginia; her nieces Kimberly, Ruthy and Clarissa; and her band. This is followed by a guided discussion as Armstrong and her gospel music group discuss their lives and careers as performers and ministers. (DBM04414)




Copland, Aaron. Sonata for Violin and Piano. (BRM31041).

Kannmacher, Thomas. Instructional Text for Uilleann Pipes, an instrument similar to the bagpipes. Compiled by Thomas Kannmacher. Section by section format. (BRM35580).

Pearson, Bruce. Tradition of Excellence. Book 3, Flute (BRM37524)

Tradition of Excellence. Book 3, Bassoon (BRM37523)

Tradition of Excellence. Book 3, B-flat bass clarinet (BRM37522)

Tradition of Excellence. Book 3, E-flat alto clarinet (BRM37521

Tradition of Excellence. Book 3, B-flat clarinet (BRM37520)


Bach, C.P.E. Solfeggio in C minor. Wq 117/2, H 220. Bar over bar format. (BRT37551)

Bach, J. C. Solfeggio in D major. Bar over bar format. (BRT37537)

Bach, J.S. Menuet and Trio in B minor. Bar over bar format. (BRT37550)

Beethoven, Ludwig van. Six Variations on a Swiss Folk Song, WoO 64. Bar over bar format. (BRT37552)

Benda, Georg Anton. Sonatina in A minor, no. 3 from Thirty-four Sonatinas. Bar over bar format. (BRT37538)

Benjamin, Arthur. Two Jamaican Street Songs, for two pianos. Bar over bar format. (BRM36928)

———————– Jamaican Rumba for two pianos, four hands. Bar over bar format. (BRM36927)

Bertini, Henri. Etude in C minor. op. 32, no. 34. (BRT37532)

Brimhall, John. Exercises in Rhythm. Instructional text with musical examples in bar over bar format. (BRM30481)

Burgmüller, Johann Friedrich. The Storm (Orage), no. 13 from op. 109, 18 Characteristic Studies. Bar over bar format. (BRT37526)

Clementi, Muzio. Third movement of Sonatina in C major, op. 36, no. 3. Bar over bar format. (BRT37560)

Debussy, Claude. Pour les octaves: no. 5 of “Douze études”. Book I. Bar by bar format. (BRM02728)

Pour les agrements: no. 8 of “Douze études”. Book II : for piano (BRM02827)

Pour les arpeges composes.  No. 11 of Douze études. Book II. (BRM23812)

Emonts, Fritz. Polyphonic Piano-playing: Playing with 2 Independent Voices. Section by section format. (BRM32747)

Fauré, Gabriel. Improvisation, op. 84, no. 5.  Bar over bar format. (BRT37531)

Fiala, George. Kangaroo op. 2, no. 1. Bar over bar format. (BRT37541)

Friml, Rudolf; Levine, Henry; Schuman, Ethel. L′amour, toujours l′amour (Love Everlasting) for solo piano. Bar over bar format. (BRM23238)

Glick, Srul Irving. Prelude no. 2 for Michael Spivak. Bar over bar format. (BRT37540)

Gounod, Charles. May Morning. (Matinee de mai). Bar over bar format. (BRT37529)

Gubaidulina, Sofi︠a︡ Asgatovna. Three selections from “Musical Toys”. Section by section format. (BRM32785)

Handel, George Frideric,  22 Performance Pieces for the Lower to Intermediate Level. Section by section format. (BRM32787)

—————————–   Suite g-Moll. HWV 452 Section by section format. (BRM32789)

Hauer, Josef Matthias. Nomos for piano, 2 hands, op. 19. Section by section format. (BRM32747)

Haydn, Franz Joseph. German Dance in D major: Hob. IX:22, no. 2. Bar over bar format. (BRT37554)

Heller, Stephen. Etude in D major, op. 45, no. 3. Bar over bar format. (BRT37533)

Ives, Charles. Piano Sonata no. 2, “Concord, Mass., 1840-1860.” Bar over bar format. (BRM26906)

Kabalevsky, Dmitri. Marching op. 39, no. 3. Bar over bar format. (BRT37543)

Kodaly, Zoltan. Marosszéker Tänze. Section by section format. (BRM32803)

Krentzlin, Richard. Das Weihnachtsglöckchen: kleine Fantasie für Klavier. Section by section format. (BRM32805)

Kuhlau, Friedrich. Sonatina in G major, op. 55, no. 2. First movement. Bar over bar format. (BRT37539)

Kunz, Konrad. Canon in F major, op. 14, no. 95. Bar over bar format. (BRT37562)

Lachenmann, Helmut. “Falscher Chinese” from Ein Kinderspiel for piano. Section by section format. (BRM32809).

—————————     “Hänschen klein” from Ein Kinderspiel. Section by section format. (BRM32807)

Last, Joan. Two and a Piano: A Series of Easy Duets. Bar over bar format. (BRM28318)

Lemoine, Henry. Etude in C major: op. 37, no. 11. Bar over bar format. (BRT37542)

MacDowell, Edward. The Brook, no. 2 from “Four Little Poems” op. 32. Bar over bar format. (BRT37536)

Mattheson, Johann. Menuet in E flat major. Bar over bar format. (BRT37563)

Maykapar, Samuel. “At the Skating Rink”, no. 23 from Bagatelles, op. 28. Bar over bar format. (BRT37525)

Medtner, Nikolay Karlovich. Danza Festiva. (BRM28326).

Milligan, John. Rowing Round. Bar over bar format. (BRT37544)

Moszkowski, Moritz. Restless: op. 77, no. 4. Bar over bar format. (BRT37530)

Richert, Teresa. Courageous Cat. Bar over bar format. (BRT37561)

Richter, Ada; Krolick, Bettye. Ada Richter Piano Course, Book 2. Bar over bar format. (BRM23649).

Schoenmehl, Mike. “Disco-Visit”. Bar over bar format. (BRT37528)

Schutt, Eduard. Confession, no. 2 from Miniatures, op. 30. Bar over bar format. (BRT37527)

Schytte, Ludvig. Etude in F minor, no. 11 from “Vingt-cinq études modernes, faciles et progressives,” op. 68. Bar over bar format. (BRT37535)

Southam, Ann. Three in Blue No. 1. Bar over bar format.( BRT37553)


Aaronson, Lazarus A. “I See tho my Eyes are Closed.” For medium voice and piano. Line by line and bar over bar formats. (BRM27828)

Carle, Frankie; Schuman, Ethel; Wagner, Larry; Barbelle. A Lover’s Lullaby. Bar over bar format. (BRM23235)

Gershwin, George. Swanee. Line by line and bar over bar format. (BRM27974)

Lady Gaga; Main, Clifford. Joanne: for piano, vocal, guitar. Line by line and bar over bar formats. (BRM37519)

Popp, André. Love is Blue: (L′amour est bleu) arranged for voice, piano, and guitar with chord symbols. French lyrics with English translation. Line by line and bar over bar formats. (BRM27827)


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