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It’s All -gci1g (Grieg) to Me: American Braille, Part II

In Part I of this blog, I introduced the subject of American Braille, and pointed out that some NLS music scores use this system. Now, in Part II, I offer this list of American Braille symbols to help you if you ever receive such a score.

Each letter or symbol in the left column is followed by its American Braille equivalent in the right column. Where the American Braille sign is different from English Braillle, I will provide dot numbers for the American Braille sign:

Letter American Braille Dot numbers
a a
b < 1-2-6
c j 2-4-5
d d
e 1 2
f f
g g
h h
i i
j y 1-3-4-5-6
k r 1-2-3-5
l l
m m
n + 3-4-5
o e 1-5
p % 1-4-6
q q
r c 1-4
s k 1-3
t b 1-2
u u
v v
w w
x ( 1-2-3-5-6
y > 3-4-5
z ] 1-2-4-5-6


Comma 3
Semicolon ; 2-3
Colon 0 3-5-6
Capital 3-6
Period – (same as capital) 3-6
Question Mark 4 2-5-6
Exclamation Point ) 2-3-4-5-6
Dash 2-5 2-5
Parenthesis (left and right) 7 2-3-5-6
Apostrophe @ 4
Hyphen 3 2-5
Double quote (open and close) 8 2-3-6
Single Quote (open and close) 88 2-3-6 2-3-6


If you had any problems reading this, or if you know of any symbols that were incorrect, please let us know.

For now,

-I hep1 bhab bhik <leg hak <11+ h1l%ful-

(I hope that this blog has been helpful.)

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