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Now Hear This! Audio Version of Music Appreciation Catalog Available.

Earlier this year, I posted that the print version of the Music Appreciation Catalog was ready for all patrons interested in learning about music.

Cover of NLS Music Appreciation Catalog

Now I’m happy to announce that the audio version is also available from the NLS Music audio collection.  If you are an eligible patron for talking book services, you can request an audio version of this catalog and hear what titles we offer in the area of composer biographies, educators, different periods of music history, and information about standard symphonic and wind instruments.

Digital cartridge of NLS Music Section Music Appreciation Catalog

Some of our most requested titles are opera talks on plots, lectures and commentaries.  We have many dedicated operaphiles in our patron base, and they often specify their preference for a commentator.  I have heard raves about Michael Barclay and his unusual attention to detail, as well as in-depth information provided by Dr. Robert Greenberg of The Teaching Company series, Thomson Smillie of Naxos, and Alfred Glasser covering performances by the Chicago Lyric Opera.  We also have Ann Thompson with her own unique style and ideas of the plot and storyline.

To explore the contents of this catalog, click on this link; it covers biographies, music history, classical, jazz and folk music, rehearsals and Master Classes, and that’s only a few of the categories listed.

While not yet available on BARD, we can send this catalog to you via cartridge.  Just call (800-424-8567, option 2) or e-mail the NLS Music Section ([email protected]) and ask for DBM 03684, the Music Appreciation Audio Catalog, and it will be on the way.

We’re looking forward to hearing from our patrons as they explore all that the Music Appreciation catalog offers.


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