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New BARD Additions–June 2019

The last week of June has arrived, time for us to tell you about new music available on BARD (Braille and Audio Reading Download) from the NLS Music Section:



Franck, César. Sept pièces: Nos. 4-7, from l’Oeuvre pour Harmonium. Bar over bar format. (BRM36715)


Dupré, Marcel. Placare Christe servulis, no. 16 from Le tombeau de Titelouze: Seize Chorals faciles et de moyenne difficulté pour orgue sur des hymnes liturgiques. Bar over bar format. (BRM36711)


Beethoven, Ludwig van. Farewell to the Piano (Abschieds-gedanken: piano). An expressive short classical piece of uncertain authorship attributed to Beethoven. Bar over bar format. (BRM00060)

Bently, Berenice Benson. Dance in Ancient Style: Passepied. Intermediate-level piano solo based on a theme of J.S. Bach. Bar over bar format. (BRM00083)

Drifting Moon: Piano Solo. A piano solo at the early intermediate level in bar over bar format. (BRM00084)

Puck’s Serenade: A Little Study for the Piano. A delicate piano piece which moves between the keys of B minor and B major. (BRM00085)

Blake, Dorothy Gaynor. Andrew Jackson: The War of 1812. An elementary piano piece celebrating Andrew Jackson’s victory at the battle of New Orleans. (BRM00087)

Captain Kidd. Two elementary piano pieces creating the moods of adventures on the sea. Bar over bar format. (BRM00093)

Keyboard Secrets: 60 Daily Recreations to Solve First Keyboard Problems at the Piano. Sixty short studies and ten supplementary finger drills for the very young pianist. Bar over bar format. (BRM00089)

Thro’ the Castle Gate: A Piano Suite for the Development of Facility and Style. Bar over bar format. (BRM00094)

Tunes for Two: Eight Piano Duets, both hands of the primo and secondo within the compass of five notes. (BRM00095)

Blake, Milton D. Story at Twilight. A short, plaintive piano piece in six-eight time, featuring a simple melody above blocked chords. Bar over bar format. (BRM00097)

Blanchard, Henri. Rondeau provençal. A joyous little piece, requiring some sophistication in braille music reading. Bar over bar format. (BRM00098)

Bliss, Paul. Dreams: Six Hands. A simple piano piece for six hands at one keyboard. Bar over bar format. (BRM00100)

Conquerors: For Piano, Six Hands. An elementary march for six hands at one keyboard. Bar over bar format. (BRM00099)

Borowski, Felix. Menuet. An intermediate level piano solo. Bar over bar format. (BRM00102)

Brown, Arthur L. Pixies’ Drill, (March), op. 16, no. 1. An easy march for the piano. Bar over bar format. (BRM00111)

Couperin, François. Vingt-sixième ordre: Pièces de clavecins, Livre 4. 25e, 26e et 27e ordres. Bar over bar format. (BRM36724)

Cello and Piano

Pärt, Arvo. Spiegel im Spiegel: für Violoncello und Klavier (1978). A meditative composition for piano and cello by the Estonian composer. Single line and bar over bar formats. (BRM36749)

Violin and Piano

Pärt, Arvo. Spiegel im Spiegel: für Violoncello und Klavier (1978). A meditative composition for piano and violin by the Estonian composer. Single line and bar over bar formats. (BRM36748)

Wind Instruments

Andersen, Joachim. Trois Morceaux pour la flûte, avec accompagnement de piano, op. 57. 1, Le calme. Single line format. (BRM36714)

Böhm, Theobald. Élégie, op. 47: For Flute and Piano. Flute part only. (BRM36717)

Loche, Henri. Rondo capriccioso: pour flûte et piano. Flute part only. (BRM36716)

Rae, James. Sonatina: For Flute and Piano. Single line format. (BRM36712)

If you wish to borrow any of the materials listed in this blog, or if you have questions about our services, call 1-800-424-8567, then press option 2 for the Music Section. You may also email us at [email protected]

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