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New BARD Additions: January 2021

Well we’re officially 1/12 of the way through 2021 already! Can you believe it? That means it’s time for us to share what’s new on BARD from the Music Section.

Some highlights include a Richard Rodgers piece arranged for brass sextet— the hit “You’ll Never Walk Alone” made famous by Gerry and the Pacemakers, whose lead singer Gerry Marsden passed away earlier this month. In our audio collection, we are happy to share some concerts and interviews from the American Folklife Center here are the Library of Congress.

Here are all the new books from the NLS Music Section added to BARD this month:

Audio – Music Appreciation

An-sky Yiddish Heritage Ensemble
Concert and interview with the An-sky Yiddish Heritage Ensemble. (DBM04300)

Conversation with Roy and PJ Hirabayashi of San Jose Taiko
A conversation with PJ and Roy Hirabayashi, creative director and co-founder emeriti of the performing ensemble San Jose Taiko. (DBM04303)

Eva Salina and Peter Stan: Serbian Roma Music
A concert of Balkan Romani (gypsy) music followed by an interview with musicians Eva Salina and Peter Stan. (DBM04307)

Lakota John & Kin conversation and concert
A concert and interview with Native American blues musicians Lakota John and Kin. (DBM04287)

Ledward Kaapana: Hawaiian Music
Master Hawaiian slack key guitarist, ukulele player and vocalist Ledward Kaapana discusses his life and musical career and performs in concert. (DBM04304)

Libaya Baba: Garifuna Music & Dance from California & New York
Concert and interview with Libaya Baba, performers of music from Garifuna culture. (DBM04301)

Mokoomba: Afro-Fusion Music from Zimbabwe
Concert and interview with Mokoomba, a six-piece band from Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. (DBM04306)

Onnik and Ara Dinkjian Sextet
Concert and interview with renowned Armenian folk musicians Onnik and Ara Dinkjian. (DBM04305)

Poets and patriotism: the 200th birthday of the Star-Spangled Banner
A panel discussion on the national anthem with experts in music and history. (DBM04298)

Rahim AlHaj Trio
Concert and interview with the Rahim AlHaj Trio, which features traditional Middle Eastern music on the oud (Arabic lute) and antour (hammered dulcimer). (DBM04302)


Chenowith, Wilbur. God of Comfort, God of Courage. For SATB and piano. (BRM23200)

Segreras, Julio. El Colibri. (BRM34817)

Crowe, Edgar, Lawton, Annie, and Whittaker, W. Gillies, ed. Folk Song Sight Singing Series, Book 2. (BRM22956)
Folk Song Sight Singing Series, Book 3. (BRM22953)
Folk Song Sight Singing Series, Book 5. (BRM22863)
Folk Song Sight Singing Series, Book 6. (BRM23055)
Ng, Ying Ying. Music Theory for Young Musicians: Grade 4. (BRM36982)

Arlen, Harold. The Wizard of Oz: 70th Anniversary Edition. For flute. (BRM36984)
Bassi, Luigi. Nocturne for Clarinet and Piano. (BRM23171)
Böddecker, Philipp Friedrich. Sonata Sopra La Monica. For bass recorder. (BRM36980)
Dahl, Ingolf. Variations on a Swedish Folktune. For flute. (BRM23584)
Dvorák, Antonín. Humoresque, op. 101/7. For flute. (BRM36987)
Moyse, Marcel. 24 Little Melodic Studies with Variation. For flute. (BRM36985)
Pucihar, Ana Kavcic. Fluting Stars Book 1. (BRM36988)
Fluting Stars Book 2. (BRM36989)
Rodgers, Richard. You’ll Never Walk Alone. For brass sextet. (BRM23180)
Schwartz, Stephen. Three pieces from “Wicked.” For flute (BRM36983)

Reger, Max. Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme, op. 52 no.2. Bar over bar format. (BRM36986)
Schroeder, Hermann. Kleine Präludien und Intermezzi für Orgel, op. 9. Bar over bar format. (BRM23312)
Wurlitzer Company. Wurlitzer Organ Owner’s Manual. Contracted braille. (BRM23155)

Bach, Johann Sebastian. Organ Toccata, BWV 564 and 545. Bar over bar format (BRM23365)
Fauré, Gabriel. Berceuse, from Dolly, op. 56. Bar over bar format. (BRM36975)
Harburg, E.Y. Over the Rainbow. Bar over bar format. (BRM23259)
Hindemith, Paul . Interludium and Fugue. Bar over bar format. (BRM23354)
Ornstein, Leo. Sonata No. 4. Bar over bar format. (BRM36991)
Sonata no. 5 Bar over bar format. (BRM36990)
Rachmaninoff, Sergei. Etudes Tableaux, op. 33 & 39. Bar over bar format. (BRM27506)
Ristad, Eloise. Beginnings for the Talented. Bar over bar format (BRM23154)
Soler, Antonio. Sonata no. 25 in D minor. Bar over bar format. (BRM36979)

If you are new to BARD, or if you need some assistance, you may like to consult this link: Braille and Audio Reading Download (BARD) and BARD Access. All of the materials listed above are also available via mail. To borrow hard copies of braille music or talking books on digital cartridge, please call us at 1-800-424-8567 (choose option 2), or e-mail us at [email protected].

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