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New BARD Additions: July 2018

Read this blog and discover new materials, recorded and braille, now available from the NLS Music Section.

Audio Materials

All of the following are productions of Bill Brown.


American Pie.  Teaches this Don McLean song without the use of music notation.  (DBM03915)


Bless the Broken Road. Teaches how to play “Bless the Broken Road” in the style of The Piano Guys without the use of music notation.  (DBM03914)

Fight Song.  Teaches how to play “Fight Song” in the style of The Piano Guys without the use of music notation.  (DBM03913)

Say Something. Teaches how to play “Say Something” in the style of The Piano Guys without the use of music notation.  (DBM03912)

Don’t Know Why. Teaches how to play this song, made popular by Nora Jones, without the use of music notation.  (DBM03910)

Oh, My Father. Teaches this song without the use of music notation.  (DBM03909)



Denley, Ian. Flute Time Pieces,  Seventeen arrangements for flute.  (BRM36563)

Watts, Sarah.  Razzamajazz: Duets and Trios for Flute.  Fifteen pieces for flute ensemble.  (BRM36565)

Watts, Sarah.  Razzamajazz Repertoire: Ten short pieces for flute and piano.  (BRM36564)

Matthias, William.  Sonatina for Flute and Piano.  In three movements.  (BRM36562)


Anderson, Leroy.  Belle of the Ball, An orchestral waltz arranged for solo piano.  (BRM08204)

Beethoven, Ludwig van.  Sonata, Op.  10, No.  1, C Minor, Edited by Von Búlow and Lebert; bar-over-bar format.  (BRM00069)

Beethoven, Ludwig van.  Sonata, Op.  90, E-minor, Edited by von Búlow and Lebert; bar-over-bar format.  (BRM00077)

Chadwick, George Whitefield.  Six Characteristic Pieces for the Pianoforte, Op.  7; bar-over-bar format.  (BRM36566)

Copland, Aaron.  Down a Country Lane, bar-over-bar format.  (BRM11708)

Copland, Aaron.  Four Piano Blues; bar-over-bar format.  (BRM22942)

Gottschalk, Louis Moreau.  The Banjo, Fantasie Grotesque, for Piano; bar-over-bar format.  (BRM20704)

Poulenc, Francis.  Presto in B-flat, bar-over-bar format.  (BRM20533)


Campion, Thomas.  Author of Light. (BRM36556)

Campion, Thomas.  Think’st Thou to Seduce Me, for voice and bassus.  (BRM36555)

Campion, Thomas.  Love Lament: from Lady’s Perspective.  (BRM36554)

Donizetti, G.  Chi mi frena in tal momento “What from Vengeance Yet Restrains Me?” from Lucia di Lammermoor; for Sextet, Chorus and Piano.  (BRM36558)

Parr-Davies, Harry.  Pedro, the Fisherman.  (BRM36553)

Rome, Harold.  Fanny, arranged for voice and piano.  (BRM08226)

Vaughan Williams, Ralph. The Sky Above the Roof.  (BRM36559)


Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix.  Konzert, Op.  64.  Third movement, Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto, full score; 2 vols.  (BRM36560)

You can find all these and many other titles on BARD.  If you would rather receive copies through the mail, call us at 800-424-8567, option 2 for Music.


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