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Now Playing at the Packard Campus Theater (October 29-31, 2015)

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 The following is a guest post by Jenny Paxson, an Administrative Assistant and the Packard Campus.

Back to the Future Part III  (Universal, 1990)

Thursday, October 29 (7:30 p.m.)
Back to the Future Part III (Universal, 1990)
The final installment of the Back to the Future trilogy finds Marty (Michael J. Fox) digging the DeLorean time machine out of a mineshaft to travel back to the Old West of 1885 to rescue Doc (Christopher Lloyd), whose blossoming romance with Clara (Mary Steenburgen) makes him reluctant to return from the clutches of the villainous Tannen Gang. Also returning are costars Thomas F. Wilson as Buford ‘Mad Dog’ Tannen aka Biff Tannen, Lea Thompson, Elisabeth Shue and Marvin McIntyre. The two Back to the Future sequels were shot back-to-back over the course of 11 months in 1989 with the western scenes in Part III filmed on location in Monument Valley. The film also stars veteran Western film actors Pat Buttram, Harry Carey, Jr. and Dub Taylor as three saloon old-timers.   Former Madison, VA, resident Marvin J. McIntyre, who plays Mr. Phipps, the undertaker, in the film, will introduce the feature and stay after for a short Q&A afterward. 118 min.

Friday, October 30 (7:30 p.m.)Robin Hood
Robin Hood
(United Artists, 1922)
Silent film superstar Douglas Fairbanks stars as the legendary English folk hero who robs from the rich and gives to the poor in this rousing classic. Though not the first time Robin Hood appeared on screen, this lavish production was the first to present many of the components of the legend that became standard in later versions. Produced and written by Fairbanks and directed by Allan Dwan, this swashbuckling adventure was one of the most expensive movies made in the 1920s, featuring an enormous castle and an entire village constructed for the filming. Supporting players include Wallace Beery as King Richard the Lion-Hearted; Sam De Grasse as his evil brother, Prince John; Enid Bennett as Lady Marian, and Alan Hale as Little John–-a role he repeated in the 1938 version of Robin Hood starring Errol Flynn. Tracey Goessel, author of The First King of Hollywood: The Life of Douglas Fairbanks (Chicago Review Press, Oct. 1, 2015) will introduce the film and live musical accompaniment will be provided by Philip Carli. Preserved by The Museum of Modern Art with support from the Celeste Bartos Fund for Film Preservation. 122 min.

Bend It Like Beckham (Fox Searchlight, 2002)

Saturday, October 31 (2 p.m.)
Bend it Like Beckham
(Fox Searchlight Pictures, 2002)
In this India-themed comedy-drama set in London, 18 year-old football (soccer) enthusiast Jess Bhamra longs to play the game but her orthodox Sikh parents forbid it because she is a girl. Jess befriends Jules Paxton, who plays for the local women’s team, and coach Joe, who is impressed with Jess’s skills and puts her on the team. Gurinder Chadha directed this popular family film that stars Parminder Nagra, Keira Knightley, Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Juliet Stevenson. Bend it Like Beckham was a box-office and hit and was nominated for a British Academy of Film and Television Arts Award for Best British Film. 112 min.  

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