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Mystery Photo #4: Musical Mysteries

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It is week number four for our blog of “mystery photos.”  Thanks to all who reviewed and commented on our previous posts over the past few weeks.  (If you want to see those again, here are the links:  Who’s That Lady?; Who’s That Gent? and Name That Movie!)

This time we are posting photos that we believe are music-related based upon where they were found– amongst photos of other musicians.  Clicking on any of the images below will increase their size.

We welcome your suggestions about any of the following images in the Comments section below.


1.  It is quite possible that this woman is an actress but this particular still was found in a stack with other music-related photos.  Regardless:  who is she?

UPDATE:  Could this be opera star Magda Olivero?


2. We have two shots of this man, both wearing the same colorful, flowered silk shirt.  This one shows more of his face.  But neither lists a name.

SOLVED!:  Guy Chandler.–Thank you, Stephen.


3.  The mustache, turtleneck and chain seems to clearly mark this photo as from the 1970s.

SOLVED!:  Derek Taylor, Beatles publicist, friend and historian. 


4. Neither the name of this handsome gentleman or the building he is pictured in front of is known.  Could the building in the background be a concert hall?

SOLVED:  Jason Gedrick from FOX’s “Class of ’96”; not musical, after all.


5. In the lower corner of this photo is a stamp that reads “Bloom/Chicago.”  Bloom was a 1930s-era photographer of radio, music and vaudeville talents who was based in the Windy City.  This unknown couple might have been local or national radio or stage headliners.

SOLVED!:  Bandleader Abe Lyman and wife Rose Blane!–Thanks to David S. and Rick C.


6.  On the back of this photo is written, in ink, “Fri TV ON Two Guys.”  But there’s no other information.

SOLVED:  The man with the guitar is Gordon Bok.  Thank you to Jocelyn Shaw!  (Additionally, the man he was paired with on the original photo, and who was on Blog #2:  “Who’s The Gent?” is Marshall Dodge.)

If we can authenticate a suggestion as correct, we will post the identity of the person/people in the photos throughout the week.



Comments (19)

  1. #4 reminds me very much of a young Ivo Pogorelich (classical pianist). The building is also vaguely familiar.

  2. Re #4. I also remember what the building in the background is: the University College in Toronto. In case that’s of help.

  3. The man in #4 looks like actor Peter Gallagher. Beside acting he also is a member of an a capeplla singing group called The Beelzebubs.

  4. #1 looks like Shirley Knight (who almost became a professional opera singer but chose an acting profession instead)…

  5. #6 is Gordon Bok, a folk singer from Maine. He played with Anne Mayo Muir and Ed Trickett for many years.

  6. Woman #1 reminds me a bit of Frances Langford, but not quite…

  7. I know #3 has been ID’d, but I swear he looks a helluva lot like Country Singer Alan Jackson when he was first starting out back in the 80s. Google Jackson’s photos and you’ll see what I mean. He and Jackson could be twins separated at birth.

    #4 Could very well be Jason Gedrick.

  8. Photo #6 from this release:
    had the same notation on the back. Since this one has been solved, perhaps figuring out what this clue means might be a lead to the previous mystery photo.

    I thought TV ON might refer to TV Ontario, but that has lead nowhere so far.

  9. #1 really looks to me like singer Evelyn Dall, who sang with Ambrose and his orchestra in England in the 1930s, though she was American.

  10. #2 Eddie Money?

  11. #1 looks like Barbara Hannigan, but is tooooo old. Maybe, she is a vampire!

  12. David Hutchinson, (comment 8, above) this is a stretch, but the “TV ON Two Guys” reference had me thinking. In this week’s #6, I concur that it is Gordon Bok, so that might suggest that #6 from quiz two is Ed Trickett. In Googling a bunch of different poses of Trickett, I could not convince myself either way. #6 from two weeks ago has his hair parted on the other side, but film has been known to be flipped for printing as well as people changing their hair styles over time. I don’t know, but perhaps others may have a more definitive opinion. Sorry, my facial recognition software isn’t as fine tuned as it should be.

  13. I should add that while the exposures are different, and Bok could be on almost any sea/lake coast, the one from two weeks ago does look like Canadian Shield Lake scenery, but the rugged coast of Maine (where Bok and Trickett hail from) is also a possibility. Oddly, have been listening to Bok Muir and Trickett a lot lately.

  14. #5 could be Don McNeill, whose “Breakfast Club” show was broadcast fom Chicago for over thirty years.

  15. The woman in #5 looks like singer 47th Etting.

  16. I’m guessing # 1 is Mabel Todd.

  17. The lady in #5 looks like Mitzi Green

  18. #5 looks a bit like Benny Rubin.

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