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Mystery Photo #10: The Films With No Name

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Actually, these films do have names, titles, but, at present, we just don’t know what they are.  We hope that you can help us out.  If you know the films these stills are from, or any of the performers in them, please write it in the “comments” section below.  As we determine the titles, we’ll update this blog accordingly.  As always, “clicking” on any of the eight images below will increase their size.  Thanks for looking!

d731. The code on this photo is “MGLL-61” which corresponds, according to some sources, to the 1936 big screen adaption of “Showboat” but the costumes in this picture don’t appear to be from that film’s era.

SOLVED!:  “A Tale of Two Cities” (1935)–Thank you, David N. 

d242. Similarly, there’s a code on this still (“3022”) but, so far, we’ve been unable to source it back.  Who is this actor, who is his faithful dog and what film is this from?

SOLVED!:  “The Silent Accuser” (1924) with Raymond McKee–Thank you, Karin T.

933.  Obviously a more modern film–or TV title–but we don’t know the title or the people pictured.

SOLVED!:  “King of New York” with, yes, Artie Lange, from Fox TV from 1998.  Thanks, Tony L. and others.

1474.  More men in costume but sadly no other information to determine who they are or what they are in.

SOLVED:  This is a 1975 production of ”Knickerbocker Holiday” as it was staged at the Hotel Dixie by the Octagon Theatre.  Otto Walberg is the man on the far right and Tom Sminkey is standing next to him.


5. This photo cuts off its code but it looks like it begins “AN.”  Still, even with that clue, we don’t know the movie.  (Note the uniform of the man in the lower right hand corner suggesting that at least this scene takes place overseas.)

SOLVED!:  This is the French film “L’Ange De La Nuit.”  The film, produced in 1942, was released in 1944.  We have another still, also from France, with the same “AN” code.


6.  Here, too, the set suggests something non-US but what film is this and who are any of the actors?

SOLVED!:  This IS “OSS,” a UK-made series from the mid-50’s.  This is an episode titles “Operation Orange Blossom,” set in Casablanca.  Lionel Murton is the man in the white suit.  Thanks to all who helped!


7.  A flurry of good guesses internally has not yet solved the riddle of who this actor is or what film this is from.

SOLVED!:  Diego Abatantuomo in the Italian-made “The Best Man” (1998).–Thanks to Kristine and Rocco!


8.  Finally, who are these men in their finery on horseback?  And what film is this?

SOLVED!:  “That Lady” (1955)!–Thank you, Gary!

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Comments (23)

  1. I apologize for the randomness of this…Photo number 5 “feels” very Bulldog Drummond. …Possibly one of the British versions…Reginald Denny?

  2. #2 looks to me like the TV Rin-tin-tin, who had a paler coat than some of the early Rintys. Background looks like Thousand Oaks or Simi Valley. the TV show was filmed in and around Corriganville in Simi.

  3. The female in photo 3 resembles Elizabeth Berridge, the actress who portrayed Wolfgang’s wife in Amadeus.

  4. ^ sorry – the ADULT female in pic 3

  5. The gentleman in photo 7 bears some resemblance to James Mason, esp in the role of Captain Nemo. But the photo itself looks older than 1954 when that film was released (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea). Also, no Google image of Mason-Nemo depicts him in this costume. And the hairline isn’t right. But y’all’ve probably ruled this out already.

  6. The woman in photo 3 resembles Sally Field.

  7. Photograph number 2.
    The film is “The Silent Accuser” (Chester M. Franklin, 1924), the actor is Raymond McKee, and the fantastic dog is Peter The Great.

  8. #8: perhaps Errol Flynn and Alan Hale Sr., in Adventures of Don Juan?

  9. The gentleman dressed as a doorman in photo 3 resembles Artie Lang – well, at least the half of his face which is visible. Long shot though.

  10. #6 The actor in the centre, in the linen jacket, next to the lady in what looks like an American army uniform, is Lionel Murton. Born in London, passed away in 200, if I rremember correctly.

    #7 The actor with the beard looks like Jack Hawkins. I think it is from a biopic picture he did.

    #8 The front horseman could be a young Vincent Price.

  11. The man in the rumpled white suit standing third left in Photo 5 looks very much like Lionel Murton (2 June 1915 – 26 September 2006) a film/television character actor who was born in Wandsworth, London, and grew up in Montreal, Canada.

  12. Sorry, I meant Photo 6.

  13. I agree with Anne that the doorman looks like Artie Lange. There’s nothing in his filmography that says he played a doorman. I know I’ve seen this movie.

  14. The man in no. 7 appears to be Italian actor Diego Abatantuono.

  15. Only a note for #5: at the right side there’s a man dressed similar to a French cop.

  16. I also thought the adult male and female in #3 resembled Artie Lange and Elizabeth Berridge. I checked IMDB but the one possibility I could see was a TV movie titled King of New York which Artie Lange was in, but there was not a full cast list.

  17. I was looking at pictures from the original 1938 production of Knickerbocker Holiday and that picture can’t be from that. It’s on a huge stage with elaborate sets. Your picture looks like it was done on a small stage with a spare set design. So maybe regional theater. It is not from the 1944 movie.

  18. #7 The actor is Diego Abatantuono, but the movie isn’t “Christmas Present”. The photograph is from another movie, “The Best Man” (Italian: Il testimone dello sposo), 1998.

  19. On #6 since you have the episode identified, I figure I should look at the cast list to see if some of the other actors could be identified. The one Wadsy at Britmovie and later Cornershop thought was Lloyd Lamble is Lloyd Lamble. The man on the left end is probably the show’s star, Ron Randall. Cornershop thought the woman standing looked like Lois Maxwell and she is in that episode. The other two might be identifiable, too, but I’m just confirming those.

  20. I think the seated actress in number 6 might be Signe Hasso.
    The last photo (number 8) has the feel of a Don Quixote movie.

  21. #3 is misidentified.It’s not The King of New York, and it’s much older than some other posters think. The movie is Happy Land, made in 1943 with an all-star cast. It has the distinction of having a six year old Natalie Wood in one of her first movie roles. She’s the little girl in the photo. Check out Happy Land on the IMDb, and you’ll see she’s listed last in the cast, as the little girl who drops her ice cream cone.

  22. 5 : The movie is “L’ange de la nuit” (A.Berthomieu), the photo is not taken from the film but in the scene taken from the movie (at 1:08’47”) in the link, we recognize the Guard on the right and the tall man on the left who is in the center on your photo

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