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Photo Blog #11: The Kids Are Unknown

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We look at some unidentified young people in this, the 11th, of our mystery photo series.  We welcome your suggestions/answers as to these kids’ names in the “Comments” section below.  As always, “clicking” on any of the images below will increase them in size.  Also as always, as each photo is “solved,” we’ll update this blog.  MANY THANKS!


1. We have a theory on who this freckle-faced boy might be but we welcome the thoughts of others.

SOLVED!:  Mitch Vogel!–Thanks to Rosemary H.


2. Please let us know if you know who this pretty young actress is.

SOLVED!:  Shireen Crutchfield!  Thanks, Danielle!


3.  The man on the right in this picture is, of course, Ian Ziering of 90210 and Sharknado fame…but who is the woman with him?

SOLVED!:  We believe the woman with Ian is Kate Beckinsale; another photo of her has been located wearing an identical ring.

1714. Anyone know either of these two young men or what project might have united them?

SOLVED!:  This is Lance Slaughter (left) and Tommy Morgan, Jr. appearing in “Hallmark Hall of Fame:  Aftermath” (1991).


5.  The boy on the right is a young Joey Lawrence (later of Blossom and other series) but who is the girl next to him?

UPDATE!:  This girl appeared–briefly–alongside Joey in an episode of “Gimme A Break” titled “Ship of Fools.”  It was episode #2 of season 5 and aired in 1985.  Sadly, she is not listed in the credits. –Thank you to Rob C. for this detective work. 


6. Anyone know this young lady?

SOLVED!:  Kent Masters King!–Thanks, Denise.


7.  We have several shots of this actress but we don’t know, yet, who she is.

SOLVED!:  This is dancer and dance teacher Marianne Politte.


8.  The identity of the boy in the jean jacket is, so far, unknown to us.

SOLVED!:  Joshua Harris; he played on “Dallas.”  Thank you, Steven W.


9.  Another young actor, this one flexing some muscle, but we don’t know his name.

SOLVED!:  Ernie Reyes, Jr.–Thanks to Dave and Hillary.



10. This duo looks sitcom-ready, unfortunately, we don’t know who they are or what show (or pilot?) they might be from.

SOLVED!:  Yunoka Doyle and Jason Bose Smith from “Where I Live” (ABC, 1993).–Thanks, Sabs!

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Comments (18)

  1. 9. Ernie Reyes Jr.

  2. #3 Nikki Cox??

  3. 8. Joshua Harris, who played Christopher Ewing on Dallas.

  4. Is #3 Jessica Biel?

  5. No 6 is Kent Masters King who played Julie Williams on Knots Landing

  6. #4 Pretty sure that’s Floyd Patterson on the right, so this is for some boxing event

  7. #10 is a still from “Where I Live”, the actors on the picture are Yunoka Doyle and Jason Bose Smith

  8. #10 is the male actor behind the female actor the person who played Urkel (sp?)

  9. #3 is most likely Hilary Swank. This is a casting promo shoot for ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ sometime 1997-1998 (Season 8). She appeared in 16 episodes playing Carly Reynolds who would become girlfriend to Ian Ziering’s Steve Sanders then leaving him mid-season.

  10. #7 could be Julie Patzwald.

  11. #4 – I’m thinking the two young men could be two of the high school basketball players in the 1978 TV series The White Shadow. It’s about a former pro basketball player who takes a job as basketball coach in an inner city high school.

  12. #7 looks a but like Ashley Judd during the time of Ruby In Paradise.

  13. #2. shireen crutchfield

  14. #3 Looks like his first wife Nikki

  15. #7 is Shalane McCall, who appeared in “Dallas”

  16. #5 looks like Brooke Smith to me.

  17. #3 Another possibility, Dyan Cannon and Cary Grant’s daughter, Jennifer Grant who also appeared in Beverly Hills 90210.

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