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Photo Blog #15: The Executive Guess

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It’s #15 in our mystery photo photo blog and, this time, we post a group of shots that might be of actors, directors, film executives, newscasters, or writers…or who knows?  We welcome your thoughts on the identity of each of the men pictured.  As always, “clicking” on any of the images below will increase their size.  As any of these men are positively ID’ed, we’ll update this blog accordingly.  Many thanks for taking a look!


1. The map in the back of the distinguished looking man might be a clue, but who is he?


2.  We’ve had many guesses on this man, perhaps an actor, but nothing definitive.

SOLVED!:  Ivica Pajer, Yugoslavian actor.


3.  A contemplative pose but no name, so far, to go with this headshot.

SOLVED!:  The above is actor Lex Van Delden.

1574. Who is the man behind the camera?

UPDATE:  Ben Maddow?  Rouben Mamoulian?


5.  This director makes a point behind the camera–but who is he? 

SOLVED:  This is Geoffrey Sax on the set of his film “Ruby Jean and Joe.”


6.  Who is the man with the collar and the beard?

SOLVED!:  This is the late film producer Larry Brezner.


7.  We don’t yet know the identities of either of these men.  We hope you can help.

(PARTIALLY) SOLVED:  The man on the left is composer Frederick Praunitz, but we don’t know the other gent…yet.


8.  Anyone know this gentleman writing at his desk?


9.  Dressed up for sure but who is he?

SOLVED:  This is the late singer Tony Costa.


10.  If a movie director had a “look,” this might be it but we don’t know his name or, actually, even if he’s a director.

SOLVED:  Film director Harold Becker.

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Comments (7)

  1. 1. is Juan Trippe, CEO and founder of Pan American World Airways

  2. The gentleman to the right in image #7 looks like Paul Kohner. The gentleman that is #10 looks like Robert Towne.

  3. #4 – George S. Kaufman?

  4. #2 looks a lot like the actor, James MacArthur, who played Dan-o in the original Hawaii Five-O

  5. #4 George S. Kaufman?–Fairly sure I’ve seen this picture before somewhere.

  6. No 2 is not James MacArthur

  7. #6 bears passing resemblance to Rupert Holmes of “Escape (The Pina Colada Song)” fame. Might be worth reaching out to him.

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