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Photo Blog #16: The Familiar Female

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This time, in our mystery photo blog, we look at a handful of ladies who, despite ringing many bells, we don’t know the name of.  Therefore, we need YOUR help.  Please take a look (“clicking” on any of the images below will increase them in size to that they are easier to see).  And please offer up any suggestions or answers in the “Comments” section below.  As these photos are–hopefully–identified, we will update this blog according.  THANKS!


1.  The name of this pretty lady has frustrated many since they seem to recognize her from somewhere.  But what is her name?

SOLVED!:  This is April Washington Chandler of HBK Media.


2. Another, we presume, actress who looks familiar but who we haven’t been able to place.

SOLVED!:  Actress Ludie Claire!


3. This lady with the hat and walking stick might be British based upon the envelope this negative was found in.  Regardless, we don’t know her name.

SOLVED!:  Patricia Bredin, UK singer and actress.


4.  This lady is, it seems, from New York state but we don’t know who she is or what the plaque she is holding is for.


5.  This lady might be a silent film actress or a vaudeville performer.  Hopefully, her identity is not lost to history.

SOLVED!:  This is silent film actress Nina Romano.

v6.  Who is this relaxing lady?

SOLVED:  This is actress and filmmaker Esther Anderson.

7.  And another unknown woman at work on a mural.

SOLVED!:  This is artist Toni Truesdale, c. 1975, working on a mural she painted in Harrisburg, PA.

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8.  This fetching lady is striking a come-hither, over the shoulder pose but we don’t know her name…yet.

SOLVED:  This is actress Kimberly Brent.


9.  We don’t quite know what’s going on in this photo–is it a fashion shot for Native American jewelry?  And what is the name of the model?

SOLVED! (IN 2022):  This is disco-era singer and actress Andrea True.


10.  Finally, here’s a shot that is probably from a film.  We don’t know who either actor is or what the title of this work might be.  There has been speculation that the film is a non-US title however.

SOLVED!:  “Laura Nuda” (Italy, 1961); actors are:  Tomas Milian and Giorgia Moll.

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Comments (23)

  1. I think #1 may be singer Alicia Keys.

  2. Photo Blog #16, photo two resembles actress June Allyson.

  3. Who’s that lady, #2 looks like Barbara Harris, who played the mother in the 1976 Freaky Friday.

  4. # 3 looks like a young Kelly Bishop or Myrna Loy.
    #10 looks like Natalie Wood.

  5. #1 does look very similar to Alicia Keys, but after looking at some B&W photos of Keys, I would say that #1 is not her.

    #2 looks very similar to Barbara Harris, but #2’s eyebrows are not as pronounced.

  6. #7 artwork is reminiscent of the WPA murals.

  7. The last picture is a French actresses believe me but can’t remember her name.

  8. I believe #1 is the famous model Beverly Johnson, who was was the first black woman on the cover of Vogue Magazine.

  9. #2: Glynis Johns?

  10. #2 looks similar to Giulietta Masina

  11. #5 looks to me like Anita Pallenberg.

  12. #10 – Judging from her Google images, she could very well be Emmanuelle Riva, but I have another possible suspect.
    Judging from the hair and what we can of his profile, I’m guessing the “kisser” is Michael Sarrazin, and a search of his films has turned up The Seduction, made in 1982 with Colleen Camp in the cast. Her Google images tell me she could be the “kissee” in #10.

  13. #5 young Sophie Tucker??


    it seems like her.
    DALI MUSEUM in St Petersberg Fl just had an exhibit of her

  15. Sorry. I meant #6. I believe that is model Anita Pallenberg. She dated both Brian Jones and Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones.

  16. Photo no. 2 Could be Mia Farrow

  17. #1 Maybe this is Pam Grier?

  18. #1 Phylicia Rashad?

  19. I would agree with Margie and guess that #2 is Glynis Johns

  20. #2 does remind me of Glynis Johns and #3 reminds me of Ruth Hussey

  21. #7 looks like a still from “CradleWill Rick” 1999 movie. If so, the actress playing Frida Kahlo was Corina Katt Ayala.

  22. #6 – Ketty Lester?

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