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Photo Blog #17: Cowboys and Question Marks

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This, #17 in the LOC’s mystery movie-still blog, is all Western-themed.  Westerns were, of course, one of Hollywood’s most popular genres and thousands of them have been produced over the years.  Hence, some of the stars and titles of them have, not surprisingly, faded from memory.  So we need your help to tell us who and in some cases what. 

Please place your educated guesses in the “comments” section below.  As always, as these shots are positively ID’ed, we will update this blog accordingly.  And, as always, “clicking” on any of the images below will increase them in size.  Thank you!


1. We are looking for the names of each of these performers and/or the name of the film they are in.

SOLVED:  This is 1924 “Flashing Spurs.”


2.  Who are the members of this trio?

SOLVED:  “Galloping Vengeance” with Ralph McCullough, Mary Beth Milford and Bob Custer.–Thank you, Chuck A.

3.  Yes, we have posted this pic of this pretty lady before but we still haven’t discovered who she is.  We believe this shot may have been for a TV show.

SOLVED:  Carol Booth in a 1969 episode of “Death Valley Days”!

4.  We welcome any thoughts on this interesting sepia-toned shot including if this is from a film or who any of these three men might be.

UPDATE:  Stamped on the back, “Photo by Katherine Russell Bleecker,” one of film’s earliest female camera operators.  Is this from a film?

0185_0015.  Ideally, we’d like to ID all three of the people in this photo–the woman in the bonnet, the woman next to her and the man in the hat.  That man in the hat may be William Farnum.  And what’s the name of the film?

SOLVED:  “The Rainbow Trail” (1918); woman in the center is Genevieve Blinn and actor is Farnum.–Thanks, Dr. Rich!


6.  We believe this to be from a 1947 film titled “Rainbow Over the Rockies” and the man on the left to be Wesley Tuttle.  But who is the gent next to him?

SOLVED:  The other guy is Jack Rivers.–Thank you, Kevin C.

0132_0027.  We don’t even know if this is from a film.  We welcome suggestions.

SOLVED!:  “His Glorious Night” (MGM, 1929)–Thanks to Mary and Zoltan


8.  This painting might have been a plot point in a Western film–or maybe not.  We welcome suggestions as to its artist and other details.

SOLVED!:  This is a painting by the PA-based Amish artist Luther J. Kepler, Jr. titled “Fixin’ Fences.”


9.  We believe the man in the middle in the big white hat is Yakima Canutt.  But what film is this?

SOLVED:  “West of the Divide” (1934) with Lloyd Whitlock, Dick Dickinson, Canutt, Blackie Whiteford and Tex Palmer.–Thanks again, Chuck!


10.  The man in black is “The Durango Kid” a.k.a. Charles Starrett.  But who are the other two men and what film might this be?

SOLVED:  “South of the Chisholm Trail” (1947).–Thanks, Dr. Rich!

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Comments (11)

  1. # 6 – I vote for Merle Travis

  2. #7 is HIS GLORIOUS NIGHT. Its still code matches that, but I have also seen a photo of John Gilbert in a costume resembling these, and the film features military characters.

  3. #7 is from His Glorious Night 1929 MGM

  4. #6 – Based on the facial structure, it looks like it could be Jimmy Wakely.

  5. #6 – I can’t account for the title you suggest, or the guy on the left, but I am absolutely convinced the guy with the guitar is the great singing cowboy Eddie Dean. Google up his Images and I think you’ll agree. Dean’s movies were typical B-western oaters, but his singing was great. Roy Rogers and Gene Autry both said they thought he was one of the best.

  6. I believe #2 is Roberta Shore, from The Virginian.

  7. Oops, #3, sorry!

  8. #10 – the actor at right is Frank Sully. This is probably from “South of the Chisholm Trail.”

  9. #5 – The actor is definitely William Farnum. This still is from “The Rainbow Trail” (1918). The woman in the center is Genevieve Blinn.

  10. No, #1 is definitely not Marion Davies, and I don’t believe it’s Virginia Grey either – you can see older pictures of her online, and it just doesn’t look like her.

  11. Since these came from the NJ area and many are related to early films, I wonder if the Fort Lee Film Commission might be able to help. After all, that’s where many of the movie studios were located before the majority moved to California.

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