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Photo Blog #20: Lingering Mysteries

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It’s number #20 in the Library of Congress’s movie mystery still blog.  Although the blog has been wonderfully successful (THANKS TO ALL!), this month we look back at some of our previously posted pictures in hopes that they can still be solved.  As always, “clicking” on any of the images below will increase them in size to that they are easier to see.  Please offer up any suggestions or answers in the “Comments” section below.  As these photos are–hopefully–identified, we will update this blog accordingly.  Thanks again.

1. This fetching dancer must have a name but, so far, we haven’t been able to determine it.  Some say Juliet Prowse, but we’re not so sure.

SOLVED:  Mary Lou Ryhal!

2.  This group shot might be from a TV show or a film and might be from the US or not.

SOLVED!:  This is a NY comedy troupe named Captive Audience.  The photo features Georgia Harrell on the far right; Brendan Elliot (tall guy in back); and Philippe Ruskin (short guy in front).  The photo is from May 1982.  Thank you to Carl, Celia, Will, Paul and Georgia for solving this one!

3.  This man has stymied us as well.

SOLVED!:  Fred Foy, radio announcer.

4. Here’s a still from a film (we think) but, so far, a title eludes us.

5. Frustratingly these two stills, from the same film, possibly foreign-made, have yet to be identified.  A code in the lower corner states “SC,” probably the initials of whatever film this is.

SOLVED!:  “Les Aveux Les Plus Doux” (1971).  A French film it is also known under the titles “The Sweetest Confession” (which explains the “SC” in the corner) and “Sweet Torture.”

6.  This seems to be a production of “Knickerbocker Holiday” considering the dress and the date from on the theater set.  But it’s not from the US version of “Holiday.”  So where is it from and can anyone tell us any of the actor’s pictured?

SOLVED:  This is a 1975 production of “Knickerbocker Holiday” as it was staged in NYC at the Hotel Dixie by the Octagon Theatre.

7. This is an exotic-looking lady but, so far, we don’t know her name or the film she’s appearing in.

SOLVED!:  The lady above is dancer Kanza Omar.

8.  Another unknown actress/dancer from another unknown film.  Faintly visible on the photo is a film censor stamp from Brazil.  Is this, therefore, a still from a Brazilian-produced film?

SOLVED!:  “O Cantor e a Bailarina” (1960)

9.  Several test shots from–we assume–a handsome young actor.  Anyone know who he is?

SOLVED:  Jason Laikam

10.  A lot of good guesses have come in regarding this smiling woman, but nothing we could verify.  On the back of the photo is a stamped date of “Dec. 24, 1949.”

SOLVED!:  Actress Frances Waller who appeared in a Dec. 1949 installment of “Kraft Television Theatre.”

11.  This actor looks painfully familiar but we don’t know who he is.

SOLVED!:  This is former CBS radio executive Wells Church.


12. Finally, one would think this one would be easy because it is so distinctive–some sort of monster with her vampire child but we have yet to determine what this is from.  Could be from a TV episode.

SOLVED!:  “Children of the Night” (1991)

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Comments (24)

  1. Number 5 looks very similar to Helen Gahagan in her later years. In addition to being a Congresswoman she was married to actor Melvin Douglas.

  2. 9 could be a young Thomas Haden Chirch

  3. Number 7 almost looks like a young Olivia De Havilland.

  4. I still believe #3 is Richard “Captain Midnight” Webb.

    And I agree with Musicmans – #9 is probably a very young Thomas Haden Church.

  5. #1 is Juliet Prowse in the mid 1950’s… She change her eyebrows from the 50’s of painting them on to early 60’s of letting them grow and trimming. If you look at her teeth, the two front teeth are angled in in-between them, and the same on later pictures. Also, her nose is uniquely her’s when looking at her left side compared to her right side nostrils. Even her left eye is raised slightly above her right, where most people, it’s the opposite of this. She must be a young teen in this photo. Oh, and her biceps from shoulder to elbow is also uniquely Mrs Prowse in length… the wedding ring on left hand. I’d guess 18 years, maybe slightly younger?
    See length of arm here, and youngest pic I could find of her to see it’s the same person, just much younger:…259484.260186.0.260420.….0…1.1.64.psy-ab..0.2.281…0j0i67k1.j-ZlHaH5s-o#imgrc=Cs2-kPVIstLyxM:

  6. #7 Merle Oberon? Maybe a publicity shot for Night in Paradise? (haven’t seen this film, but photos show she wore similar costumes there)

  7. Could #9 be Christopher Lambert?

  8. Maybe #7 is Shirley MacClaine– possibly in “Around the World in 80 Days” or in “Gambit” (1966) or…

  9. Is 7 Evelyn Ankers, perhaps?

  10. The young actor in #9 looks like Stephen Spinella – the actor who played Russell Berger on Royal Pains- mist especially the photo in the bottom center.

  11. #8 Could be Jon Bon Jovi.

    The facial features are quite similar (If not identical), same eye color and hair color.

    Furthermore, from the film code (Kodak PMZ 6216) I managed to narrow down the time of that picture taken to somewhere between 1998 to 2001. He looked very similar to the photo at the time, and if the picture is of an actor it could be from the set of the famous film he played in at the time: Pay it Forward

    Some pictures which are similar to the one given:

    A front picture, good for comparing facial features and the likes:

  12. On #1 if the woman with the keys is Brandis Kemp then the picture may be of some of the cast of the 1980-82 ABC late night comedy series Fridays. It looks like a ‘comedy” picture. Here’s a link to head shots of the cast

    The man at top might be Bruce Mahler from that group

  13. Oops, looked at this again and my comment was intended to be about photo #2, not #1

  14. Photo #7 might be an actress (including Broadway) whose name is Grace Coppin.

  15. #1 Violette Verdy

  16. #2: looks like some of the members of the comedy show Fridays. Woman on far left looks like Melanie Chartoff. Man next to her looks like John Roake. Man in the back looks like Bruce Mahler. No guess on the man in the hat, and the woman looks a LOT like Brandis Kemp.

  17. #11 might be Theo Goetz – actor who played “Papa Bauer”
    patriarch of the main family on “The Guiding Light” when it started on TV

  18. Pic 2, man third from left. Really looks like Robert Carradine to me!

  19. #5 top photo – the man looks to me like Cliff Robertson. But I don’t know who the woman is. The man also kinda reminds me of Jack Lord, maybe.

    I posted on another page that #7 could be Kathryn Grant Crosby.

  20. Is #9 Thomas Haden Church?

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