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Photo Blog #21: More Lingering Mysteries

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It is #21 in the Library of Congress’s movie mystery still blog.  As we did last month, this time we are reposting a few stills that are still in search of a solution.

As always, “clicking” on any of the images below will increase them in size so that they are easier to see.  Please offer up any suggestions or answers in the “Comments” section below.  As these photos are–hopefully–identified, we will update this blog accordingly.  Thanks again.

1.  We’ve had various guesses for this young lady including Carrie Fisher but, so far, nothing confirmed.

SOLVED:  This is actress Wendy Phillips.

2.  In pencil on the back of this still, it is written “The Apprentice with Mr. McGrath” which makes us think that man in the photo is long-time actor Paul McGrath but we haven’t been able to confirm that or anything else.  (By the way, a date is also stamped on the back of the photo; it reads:  “Jul 31 1968.”)

SOLVED:  The woman with the camera is local Syracuse, NY, actress Dorothy Singleton.

3.  Lots of guesses for this guy too but, so far, nothing solid.

SOLVED:  Ivica Pajer!–Thank you to “Maciste.”

4.  Hopefully someone can let us know who this trio is collectively or individually.  Are they a rock group?  A dance troupe?  Bear in mind that this photo might be international in origin.

SOLVED:  This is a 1998 production of “Cabaret” done by LA’s West Coast Ensemble, from left:  Brian Sturzenacker, Dean Regan, Ty Donaldson

5.  This shot is quite distinctive and we believe it was shot in the San Fran subway system.  But, beyond that, we don’t know.

SOLVED:  This is a publicity shot for stage production titled “The Great Air Robbery.”  It was staged by the San Francisco Mime Troupe in 1974.   The actress is Andrea Snow.  The background is the SF 24th/Mission BART station.  Many worked to solved this major mystery.  Thank you to:  Scott, Mike, Kevin Lee, Loren, the San Francisco Film Office, the “San Francisco Gate,” KTVU, Alicia, the San Francisco Public Library and the City of San Francisco.

6. We’ve got several shots of this young actress (we assume) but don’t know who she is.

SOLVED!:  Dancer and dance teacher Marianne Politte.

7.  About a million guesses so far for this lady but nothing we are certain of.  (The photographer of this image is Peter Perri, or so it says in the lower corner.)

SOLVED!:  This is actress Fran Carlon.

8.  Is this for a horror film?  An opera?  We thought it might be of actor Michael Constatine but Mr. Constatine says no.  So who is it?

SOLVED!:  This is Stephen Turner as he appeared in the 1970 Hammer film “Horror of Frankenstein.”

9.  We assume a silent film actress but we have yet to be able to confirm who she is.

UPDATE:  Dorothy Mathews?

10.  We think that that’s the same young man in both photos above.  But we don’t know who he is or who his friend is either.

SOLVED!:  This is from the “Hallmark Hall of Fame:  Aftermath” (1991).

11.  Maybe an actor of stage and/or screen?  But we don’t know his name.

SOLVED:  This is late LA-based businessman Richard E. Lewis.

12.  This lady looks like Suzy Mandel but Ms. Mandel says it’s not her.  We are open to suggestions.

SOLVED!:  This is actress Marta Brennan.

13. We don’t know this sepia-toned man yet but we are open to suggestions.

SOLVED:  Charles Brabin.

14.  We’ve had a couple of guesses on this lady who has taken a tumble in the snow but nothing for sure.

15.  And one more.  This one will be hard as he’s got the glasses on but we are ever hopeful.

SOLVED:  Don Terry

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Comments (32)

  1. #1 Jamie Gertz (actress)

  2. #10 James Woods (actor)

  3. The team at LOC is always so thorough, but I that I would mention just in case: Do you run the unknown images through Google’s new Vision AI photo recognition to check for any clues or results?
    It might also be a suggestion to reach out to the Google Vision Cloud team to see if the two organizations can benefit from processing and learning the images (I believe the AI learns the more it is used).
    Just a suggestion to help. Great work as always!

  4. Is #3 Christopher Atkins?

  5. #1 I’m getting a Marianna Hill vibe.

  6. #1 looks like a young Stephanie Zimbalist.

  7. #7 looks awfully similar to Australian-American stage and screen actress Coral Browne.She also had the distinction of being Mrs. Vincent Price.

  8. #3 – James Macarthur?

  9. Just a note: San Francisco does not have a subway system. Just a couple of streetcar tunnels…

  10. No 3 is Ivica Pajer

  11. Number 15 looks like it could be a young Richard Harris.

  12. Number 3 looks like James MacArthur

  13. #15 looks more like Richard Kind

  14. I’m afraid that no. 1 is not Jamie Gertz and that James Woods isn’t depicted in any of the photos. I agree that the guy on the right in no. 10 is the same guy in both photos (weird sentence but you get the point). No. 7 isn’t Coral Browne. I wonder if the young lady in no. 6 might also have been a teen model. Sorry, I wish I had a positive ID for someone.

  15. #13 looks like silent/sound actor George Magrill.

  16. I don’t know who it is but I think 11 and 13 is the same guy.

  17. #9 Diana Lewis (later Diana Powell, William Powell’s wife) at the beginning of her career? Also, I wouldn’t assume that this lady is an actress from silent era, her hair looks way more 1930s to me.

  18. Number 2, looks like Paul McGrath to me. Look at Pendulum on YouTube from 1969. He plays Senator Cole and shows up briefly in the first couple minutes. I didn’t watch the whole movie. But what I saw was an exact match. Your picture could be from an unsold pilot. IMDB doesn’t list those unless they aired.

  19. 1 sure looks like Connie Britton.

  20. Are photos 1 and 2 from the same folder? 1 looks a lot like Kathleen Dabney and 2 is possibly from a tv movie she was in called This Town Will Never Be the Same Again. It also starred Paul McGrath. The black actress might be Diana Sands?

  21. #1 young Dana Delany?

  22. #13 looks like baseball player Honus Wagner.

  23. #10

    I swear this man was a tv presenter or host of some sort. I see him talking to the the audience when I remember him…

  24. #5 – Definitely a San Francisco BART station, either 16th Street or 24th Street.

    As for the lady, Anne Bancroft?

  25. A Google Image search for Ivica Pajer reveals no. 3 is definitely NOT him.

  26. #15 might be Rick Moranis

  27. #6 – model Daria Werbory?

  28. 12. Jill Haworth?

  29. 11. Bert Convy?

  30. #8 looks very much like Lionel Stander.

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