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Who Am I? (Part 3 of 3)

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Thanks to everyone who has offered suggestions for our myriad of unknown photos over the past few weeks.  We have just a few more to ask you about.  Please take a look and take a guess.  As always “clicking” on any of the thumbnails below will increase the photo in size.  Also, we will be updating this blog regularly as solid leads and solutions come in.  THANK YOU!!!

    1.  At one time we thought this was well-known character actor George E. Stone.  But we’ve since changed our minds.  Who is he?

SOLVED!:  This is Japanese film director Yasujiro Ozu.

2.  That is actor Ian Ziering but who is the woman with him?

SOLVED!:  We believe the woman to be Kate Beckinsale.  We found another photo of Ms. Beckinsale wearing the same ring.

3.  This illustration seems solidly inspired by the work of artist Surayama Hajime but it not by him.  Anyone know who it is by or where it was used?

4.  This man is turning his radio.  Anyone recognize him?

5.  Anyone recognize the lady with the microphone?

6.  We once that this was a well-known travel/airline exec but we now have changed our minds on that too.  So who is he?  Considering the rest of this collection, he’s probably involved in film somehow.

7.  This lady has an odd way of wearing a necklace.  Anyone know who she is?

SOLVED (in 2022):  This is disco-era singer and actress Andrea True.

8.  On the back of this photo it reads, in pencil, “The Apprentice with Mr. McGrath.”  We believe that is character actor Paul McGrath on the right.  Who is the woman on the left?  We know that the photo is by Howard F. LaChance, a long-time New York state news photographer.  We wonder if the woman in the photo was an apprentice to him.  There is also a date on the back; it reads:  “Jul 31 1968.”

SOLVED:  This is local Syracuse actress Dorothy Singleton.

9.  Is this just a Mary Martin fan posing with a poster?  We don’t know.  We are open to suggestions as to who he is.

10.  Finally, we have this shot.  According to the back, also above, it is an example of a make-up job by legendary movie make-up artist Bob Stephanoff.  It has a date on the back that seems to read:  “Dec 15 1938.”  And there is a note that reads:  “The Bulgarian Phesant [Peasant?]”  Who is this man and was this utilized in a film?

SOLVED!:  According to his daughter-in-law, this is Mr. Stephanoff himself, practicing his trade on himself. 

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  1. Could #10 be Stephanoff himself, having a bit of fun with his heritage? A blurb from a 1928 Variety mentions his brothers back in Bulgaria, and IMDb says he emigrated from there to the U.S. in 1912.

  2. Sorry – the blurb was from FILM DAILY.

  3. The lady with Ian Zeiring looks like Kate Beckinsale

  4. Any chance that first one is Osgood Perkins. He usually looked thinner than that but there’s a resemblance.

  5. #1 is not Osgood Perkins, he had good teeth, but I believe he is Spanish actor Jose Crespo, who performed in MGM Spanish productions.

  6. Photo #4 in Who Am I Part 3 is Liz Torres (Miss Patty on Gilmore Girls!).

  7. #10 could very well be Bert Lindley from the 1934 film “Are we civilized?” There are a number of stills from this film where we see this actor in various costumes from different times and places in History.

  8. #3 Ian Ziering. It does look like Kate Beckinsale.
    Check out the bottled water, though. You can almost see the expiration date, but the brand is harder to identify. Maybe it was an advertisement?

  9. The silver ring on the woman’s finger also looks like Beckinsale’s 1990’s style.

  10. The woman featured in picture #2 is Ginger Lynn.

  11. I believe the young lady with Ian is Lacey Chabert.

  12. A longshot, but the lady in #8 could be singer Yolande Bavan, who appeared on stage with McGrath in “Desk Set” in New York during July of 1968.

  13. #2 The expiration date on the water bottle seems to read JUL 00, so the picture was taken in 1999? 1998?

  14. The last photo looks a lot like Rutger Hauer, but of course he wasn’t even born in 1938. Perhaps it is his father Arend Hauer?

  15. #9, based on the poster info, was taken in Boston in 1958, as part of the “Music With Mary Martin” tour- could it possibly be John Lesko, who conducted that tour, or someone responsible for staging it in Boston?

  16. #2 looks like Lorri Davis–the wife of Damien Echols. I don’t know if that would be her, but she did a lot of reaching out to famous people while Damien Echols was on death row.

  17. #2- Based on the other photos from the same period online, that’s not Nancy Moonves.

  18. The woman in #2 looks like Tawny Kitaen celebrated video vixen from Whitesnake era.

  19. Hi, I believe that #8 taken in Syracuse is the actress & singer Yolande Bavan, who was performing in the play Desk Set at the time. (according to the Syracuse Post Standard, 7-30-1968)

  20. 4) it is definitely not Osgood Perkins I

  21. Regarding the young woman with Paul McGrath:

    I can’t identify her, but here’s some background information, in case you find it useful:

    This production of “Desk Set” took place up the street from my home, where I’m writing this. I don’t think the woman was an apprentice of the Herald-Journal photographer; I worked for the newspaper company in Syracuse for many years, and she probably would have been referred to as an intern.

    “Desk Set” was part of a series of annual “summer stock” programs that were brought to Syracuse by a company called “Famous Artists,” which still exists. The touring actors and crew members for these shows were supplemented by a group of local youths who worked as unpaid “apprentices.” My sister Mary was an apprentice for a couple of seasons, and during the weeklong run of “Desk Set” she was Shirley Booth’s dresser.

    Here’s my theory about the photo: I think that sometimes these traveling shows needed people to play non-speaking roles, kind of like extras in movies; the packagers of these shows probably didn’t want to pay performers to go from town to town and say absolutely nothing on stage, so these unspeaking walk-ons were cast from among the locals, including apprentices. I suspect the woman in the picture was an apprentice who was given a chance to play a non-speaking role on stage.

    Famous Artists was run by a man named Murray Bernthal, who for years was a key figure in the local arts community. He’s dead now, and someone named Albert Nocciolino, who had run the business with Murray, has been running it since Murray’s death in 2010. The company’s phone number is 315) 424-8210.

    I’m also going to mail a copy of today’s Post-Standard article to my sister Mary. She’s out of the country at the moment, but will probably be back at her home in Albany next week. She’s a professional storyteller, and coincidentally will be telling a story about her experience with Shirley Booth a week from Saturday.

    Good luck!

  22. A family friend said the woman in the #8 Syracuse photo is Millie McDade Woods

  23. #1 ~ Harold Huber?

  24. Regarding #8, here’s what my sister had to say:

    “Of course Dorothy was a theater apprentice just like I was as you figured out. She looks very familiar but I can’t help with her last name. I really don’t even remember the first name. I’m sure she had a walk on in the play.”

  25. 10# Leslie Howard in disguise similar to the one that he wore in “The Scarlet Pimpernel”?

  26. #2 I suggested last year on Photo Blog #11 that it’s possibly Jennifer Grant or Hilary Swank. Both played love interests to Ziering’s character Steve Sanders on 90210.

    There’s another different image of Ian Ziering wearing the same clothes in front of the very same background from the same photo shoot that a previously commenter (Cody) linked to. This one was on a defunct ESPN blog from 2009 but the image may have been taken years earlier. The word “Spelling” can be seen as a watermark in the lower right corner. My guess it’s for Spelling TV Inc, Aaron Spelling’s production company.

  27. The man tuning that Zenith (#4) would appear to be Frank Mankiewicz!

  28. I think the man standing in front of the Mary Martin poster (photo #9) might possibly be Richard Lamparski, the author of the “Whatever Became of?” series of books, which were about entertainers (and other public figures) from the past.

  29. I believe the man standing in front of the Mary Martin poster (photo #9) might possibly be Richard Lamparski, the author of the “Whatever Became of?” series of books, about entertainers (and others) from the past.

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