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Actress Marion Davies in scene from black and white film "The Cardboard Lover." Davies, blonde and light-eyed, is seen behind potted plant playfully using stem as a "mustache"/disguise.
Marion Davies in "The Cardboard Lover"

Film Loans from the Library of Congress — February 2023

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Here are some of the titles from the Library’s motion picture collections–many preserved by the NAVCC film laboratory–that we’re loaning for exhibition this month. As always, we can’t guarantee that schedules won’t change or links get broken, but this is our best information at the time of publication.

UCLA Film and Television Archive/ Billy Wilder Theater     Los Angeles, California

"Blondie of the Follies" film poster. Illustrations of star Marion Davies, center and full form, in dressing room with woman barely covered with white sheet. Male figure looks on from doorway. Title of film is in red and actors names are in black.BLONDIE OF THE FOLLIES (1932) , 35mm          February 5

PEG O’ MY HEART (1933), 35mm                        February 5

THE CARDBOARD LOVER (1928), 35mm           February 12

LIGHTS OF OLD BROADWAY (1925), 35mm       February 26

THE PATSY (1928), 35mm                                   February 26





Somerville Theatre     Somerville, Massachusetts

Very simple, text only, newspaper ad for "Within Out Gates" film. Black and white lettering notes the film's "All-Star Colored Cast!"WITHIN OUR GATES (1920), 35mm     February 5









Doc Films     Chicago, Illinois

Film poster for "The Strange Loves of Martha Ivers" of 1946. Trio of stars depicted in color: Barbara Stanwyck, Van Heflin, and Lizabeth Scott. Stanwyck is seen cradling Heflin's face. Cursive script lists film's title and names of three leads.THE STRANGE LOVE OF MARTHA IVERS (1946), 35mm     February 6









Dryden Theater at the George Eastman Museum     Rochester, New York

February 15:

Black and white screen image/frame for Walt Disney cartoon "Alice on the Farm." Image features early depictions of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, one on each side.ALICE ON THE FARM (1925), 35mm

ALICE’S CIRCUS DAZE (1926), 35mm

ALICE’S EGG PLANT (1925), 35mm


BRIGHT LIGHTS (1928), 35mm

OH WHAT A KNIGHT! (1928), 35mm


Academy Museum of Motion Pictures     Los Angeles, California

"Nothing But a Man" film poster. Central charcoal drawing depicting African-American man and woman embracing. Bold, block blue letters at bottom lists film's name. Positive critical quote--from "New York Herald Tribune"--is typed at top of poster inside blue dialogue box.NOTHING BUT A MAN (1964), 35mm               February 16

THE FLYING ACE (1926), 35mm                      February 18

MIDNIGHT SHADOW (1940), 35mm                February 18

A FOOL AND HIS MONEY (1912), 35mm         February 19

HI-DE-HO (1947), DCP                                      February 23

SEPIA CINDERELLA (1947), 35mm               February 23




Campus Theatre     Lewisburg, Pennsylvania

Actress Anna May Wong prominently featured in film poster for "Daughter of Shanghai." Depictions of two men fighting is also depicted at bottom of poster as full-face of Wong looks on.DAUGHTER OF SHANGHAI (1937), 35mm     February 21


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