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Colorful and creepy photos of Boris Karloff from the film.
"The Body Snatcher" (1945)

Film Loans from the Library of Congress — May 2024

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Here are some of the titles from the Library’s motion picture collections–many preserved by the NAVCC film laboratory–that we’re loaning for exhibition this month. As always, we can’t guarantee that schedules won’t change or links get broken, but this is our best information at the time of publication.

Louise Brooks with lover at the center of lobby card
“It’s the Old Army Game” (1926)

Film Forum     New York, New York

IT’S THE OLD ARMY GAME (1926), 35mm     May 5


Marlene Dietrich, just before coming to Hollywood, on a ship and in love in this black and white still
“Ship of Lost Men” (1929)

Music Box Theatre    Chicago, Illinois

SHIP OF LOST MEN (1929), 35mm     May 11

Red-haired Clara Bow, vivid, in this colorful lobby card
“Get Your Man” (1927)

New York Public Library for the Performing Arts     New York, New York

GET YOUR MAN (1927), 35mm     May 11

Colorful and creepy photos of Boris Karloff from the film.
“The Body Snatcher” (1945)

Australian Cinémathèque     South Brisbane, Australia

THE BODY SNATCHER (1945), 35mm     May 11

Black and white pic of Texas Guinan, pistol in each hand, and dressed as a cowgirl
“The Stampede’ (1921)

Autry Museum of The American West      Los Angeles, California

THE STAMPEDE (1921), digital     May 18

THE GUN WOMAN (1918), digital     May 18

Katherine Hepburn stares out from the front seat of a vintage car in this intense lobby card.
“Christopher Strong” (1933)

Filmmuseum im Münchner Stadtmuseum     Munich, Germany

CHRISTOPHER STRONG (1933), 35mm     May 24


George Eastman Museum     Rochester, New York

A nitrate print from the collection of the Library of Congress will be screened at The Nitrate Picture Show, May 30-June2.  The schedule will be announced on May 30 at:



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