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Haley Mills and Haley Mills side by side talking on two telephones
"The Parent Trap" (1961)

This Coming Weekend at the Packard Campus Theater (July 12-13, 2024)

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It’s summertime and the films are…fun!  Some this weekend for the classic lovers, for the family and the crazy sci-fi enthusiast!  Come and see!


Curtis, Monroe and Lemmon (two in drag) and two tough looking gangsters
“Some Like It Hot” (1959)


Friday, July 12 @ 7:30pm

Some Like It Hot (MGM, 1959)

After witnessing a mob hit, Chicago musicians Joe and Jerry (Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon) are on the run. Desperate, they join an all-girl band disguised as Josephine and Daphne, befriend Sugar (Marilyn Monroe), and head for a gig in Miami. Nobody’s perfect, but this film might be! A 1989 National Film Registry inductee from director Billy Wilder. Black & white, 121 min. (35mm)

To learn more about this comedy classic, see this link.

Haley Mills and Haley Mills side by side talking on two telephones
“The Parent Trap” (1961)

Saturday, July 13, @ 2pm

The Parent Trap (Walt Disney Pictures, 1961)

Hayley Mills plays a set of identical twins in this delightful Disney classic. Separated at birth by their parents’ divorce, the girls are unexpectedly reunited years later at a summer camp. Realizing they’re sisters, the twins hatch a scheme to secretly switch places, meet the parent they never knew, and somehow bring their family back together. Color, 129 min. (35mm)

Illustration of Bruce Willis holding Mila Jovovich amid sci-fi landscape
“The Fifth Element” (1997)

Saturday, July 13 @ 7:30pm

The Fifth Element (Columbia Pictures, 1997)

The year is 2263. The woman is an alien, fallen to Earth. The man drives a flying taxicab. Brought together by chance, Leeloo and Korben race to join four elemental stones with a mythic fifth element before evil forces obliterate planet Earth. Both an unexpected comic love story and a futuristic thrill ride, director Luc Bresson’s film oozes big-budget sci-fi visuals, 1990s-style. Color, 126 min. (35mm)

For more information on LC screenings, see this link.


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