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“King Kong”: National Film Registry #3

In 1991, the third year of the National Film Registry, the Registry welcomed that big ape known as “King Kong” to its list.  Though the film has since been remade–three times and counting–to many fans, nothing has surpassed the original in terms of thrills, heart and humanity. Film historian and “Kong” devotee Michael Price said of […]

“Duck Soup”: National Film Registry #2

The Marx Brothers made their way onto the Library of Congress’s National Film Registry in 1990 with their hilarious 1933 film “Duck Soup,” a film many consider to be most emblematic of the famous comedy team. Film critic William Wolf once said of this particular mash-up of on-screen  mayhem: “When Paramount released ‘Duck Soup’ in […]

“Casablanca”: National Film Registry #1

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress.  Begun in 1989, the Registry annually recognizes American-made films, encompassing all genres, which are of such aesthetic, historic or cultural importance to the United States that they are worthy of preservation by copyright holders or archives such as the […]

Reading the Film Registry: “Halloween” (1978)

With its much-anticipated sequel arriving in theaters October 18th, author Murray Leeder looks back at the original 1978 “Halloween”–added to the Library of Congress’s National Film Registry in 2006–and how it was a cut above so many other films of its time. See the essay below: //www.loc.gov/programs/static/national-film-preservation-board/documents/halloween.pdf