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Celebrating Teachers with Edward James Olmos

Posted by: Stacie Seifrit-Griffin

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, Edward James Olmos shares his feelings about math teacher Jaime Escalante and the making of the film “Stand and Deliver" (1988). Based on a true story, Mr. Escalante inspired his underprivileged East Los Angeles students to undertake an intensive program in math and calculus, achieve high test scores and improve their sense of self-worth.

Oppenheimer’s Mind and the American Mindset

Posted by: Stacie Seifrit-Griffin

Christopher Nolan’s “Oppenheimer” (2023) may be the longest and most comprehensive film ever made about the "father of the atomic bomb,” but today we look at several films on the National Film Registry that set a narrative on how the American people should behave and respond in Oppenheimer's atomic age.

Holiday Screenings from the 2023 National Film Registry

Posted by: Stacie Seifrit-Griffin

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the Library of Congress, and if you’ve never visited the beautiful Jefferson Building in Washington, D.C., now really is the most wonderful time of the year!  Join us on Thursday, December 21 and Thursday, December 28 as we continue to celebrate the 2023 National Film Registry. …

Photograph of the front of a movie theatre in San Antonio, Texas shows ads for Spanish language films

Shaping Latina/o Representation at the Movies with Junior Fellows, Scholars, and Filmmakers

Posted by: Laura Jenemann

Announcing the newly published Latinx Representation in Film Research Guide. This guide is part of the “Cine Latine: Shaping Latino Representation at the Movies” project implemented by Junior Fellows, the Hispanic Reading Room, the National Audio-Visual Conservation Center and others.

Festival Screening: W.C. Fields “So’s Your Old Man” (1926) shown in 35mm made from the original nitrate negative

Posted by: Stacie Seifrit-Griffin

A highlight of the Library of Congress Festival of Film & Sound includes a special screening of W.C. Fields in one of his few surviving silent films. "So's Your Old Man" (1926) will be shown in 35mm made from the original nitrate camera negative, and will feature live music accompaniment.

Film poster for "Knute, Rockne, All American." Actor Pat O'Brien depicted standing in center holding football, inspirational text behind him along with various football silhouettes.

Knute Rockne and Damar Hamlin–Inspiring A Century Apart

Posted by: Stacie Seifrit-Griffin

Inspired by the out-pouring of love and good sportsmanship displayed around Damar Hamlin's recent health scare, the Library's own Stacie Seifrit-Griffin looks at the sports classic "Knute Rockne, All American" (1940) and other audio-visual celebrations of America's love for athletics.