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VE Day: This Is Not A Drill

As detailed in the previous blog post, VE Day – Take One, Monday, May 7, 1945, was a day of confusion and restrained celebration for CBS Radio and the news media in general. Tuesday, May 8, however, brought clarity and all out jubilation. Speaking simultaneously from Washington, DC and London, England, President Harry S. Truman […]

The Talking Machine Industry and the Spanish Flu Epidemic of 1918

This blog post was written by David Sager, reference assistant in the Recorded Sound Research Center.   102 years ago, the United States and the rest of the world were in the midst of a terrorizing Spanish influenza pandemic, referred to at the time as an epidemic. Industries were disrupted and injured, just as were […]

The Women Who Founded an Industry

With the end of Women’s History Month approaching, the Library’s Recorded Sound Section would be remiss if we failed to mention the remarkable accomplishments of Barbara (Cohen) Holdridge and Marianne (Roney) Mantell, founders of Caedmon Records.   These two Hunter College graduates with degrees in Greek wanted careers in publishing, but weren’t particularly excited about […]

All Going Out and Nothing Coming In

Today’s post is by David Sager, Research Assistant in the Recorded Sound Research Center. In observance of Black History Month, we’re highlighting a little known song by the great Bert Williams, found in the Library’s National Jukebox. Although opportunities for African American performers during the early days of the recording industry were scant, they certainly […]

James Farley and Early Radio Recordings

Today’s post is by Harrison Behl, Reference Librarian at the Recorded Sound Research Center. Shortly after the formation of the Motion Picture, Broadcasting and Recorded Sound Division in 1978, one of our first reference librarians, James Smart, compiled a listing of the radio broadcast recordings the Library had acquired to that point. Covering the years […]

The Billy and Marlene VerPlanck Collection

This blog post was written by Matt Barton, curator of the Recorded Sound Section. It’s not unusual for the Recorded Sound Section and the Music Division to share custody of a collection, with Recorded Sound taking the recordings and the Music Division taking the written scores of a particular artist. But the Billy and Marlene […]