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David Susskind in black and white photo, center, with television cameras around him.

“David Susskind” Speaks Again

Posted by: Cary O’Dell

After several years of work, the Library of Congress has completed its preservation, transfer and digitization of the landmark "David Susskind Show." Here, we take a look inside the collection.

A view looking past a digital display screen towards the doors of an indoor theater, with

“The Court of Human Relations”: A Pioneer of Reality TV

Posted by: Cary O’Dell

Though titled “Court of Human Relations,” this obscure, 1959 NBC-TV daytime program was far less “Judge Judy” than a more emotional “Meet the Press.” “Court” had begun on radio, the brainchild of its producer/host A.L. Alexander, and had the lofty goal of bringing the process of mediation to the media while also paying tribute to …