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Does Someone Know My Name?: One Last Time With Our Mystery Photos!!

No, we don’t give up.  Many readers of this blog know of our long attempt to ID some photos that we found in a very large collection of film, TV and music stills here at the LC.  Well, here they are again.  So, as so many right now are heading back to school–or already gone–and are reapplying their “thinking caps,” we decided to re-post these final photos (the final unknown 17) so that they could always “findable” (and, hopefully, solve-able) online to anyone who enjoys the challenge of trying putting a name with a face.

To recap, as stated, these photos were found within a very large collection for show biz-related stills that arrived at the LC about seven or eight years ago.  We have already tried online image searches and facial recog software–all to no avail.  But we still hope that we can ID these folks.

After each photo below, we have posted everything we know about the image.  We’re just hoping someone can fill in that final and vital detail:  who they actually are.


1) We have a few clues about the gentleman above, including that this still was taken at Conway Studios and the map and the pictures of ships behind him must mean something, but who is he?  We do know that it is NOT Lew Grade or Boris Morros.

2) This man behind the camera is NOT Ben Maddow, Fred Friendly, Franz Kafka, or Rouben Mamoulian.  Other guesses have included Bernard Hermann, Alexander Korda, George Cukor and Fernand Fonssagrives.  But we don’t know for sure.  We were told that the camera he is using is a Graflax Graphic View, which was manufactured from 1941-1949.  Please note, also, in the photo this man’s utter lack of earlobes.

3) We assume this is a band of musicians but, so far, we don’t know who they are either individually or collectively.  We do know that they are NOT the group Deerhoof, Blond Redhead, Curve or Okoto.  (Please bear in mind that these photos might not be strictly US in origin.)

SOLVED!:  This is one-time LA-based band Flying Tigers.  That is (l to r):  Mike Fleck, Randy Bush, Jumi O’Brien, John Warburton and Larry Ogdon.  Thank you to Michael Lee for doing the great detective work to solve this one!

4) The man at the radio is NOT actor E.G. Marshall.  Who is he?

5) We know this photo (above) was taken in Boston in 1958.  We know this is NOT author William Lamparski.  And we wonder if this man might be Boston politician John McMorrow but haven’t been able to confirm.  Or could it be someone else?

6) This innovative fashion shot is NOT rock star Kate Garner nor Czech actress Iva Pazderkova.  Does anyone know who she is?

7) This dancing woman is NOT Brenda K. Starr, Taylor Dayne, Tia, Val Young, Kylie Minogue, Debbie Gibson or Pebbles.  Anyone have a guess?

8) This might be a silent film actress or early Broadway star.  We have had many guesses but, so far, nothing we can prove.  Some of the names so far proposed are:  Edwina Booth, Joan Marsh, June Marlowe, Geneva Hall, Dorothy Mathews, Diana Lewis, Jeanette Loff, Barbara Moffett, Isabel Jewel, June St. Clair, Edna Murphy, and Betty De Salle.  Or it could be none of the above.

9) This might be a flight attendant from back in the day and, obviously, she has some ties to the state of New York.  Also, note the middle markings on her plaque.  Are they located where the state’s Finger Lakes are?  Might that be a clue to her identity?

10) Unlike the other photos shown here, this one (above) does actually have something on the back.  In this case, it’s stamped “Cincinnati.”  And the cartoon is by Herb Gardner, though that is NOT Gardner in the photo.  Nor is it David Mamet or Shel Silverstein, the latter, a popular guess.  Many have commented that this image seems to be drawn from, or inspired by, the play “I’m Not Rappaport.”  Please help us solve this mystery.

11) We’ve been all across the country and back trying to ID this man at his desk.  Yes, that’s a Shriner’s certificate on the wall behind him.  It was issued from the Sesostris Shrine located in Lincoln, NE.  And his stationary says “Memo to Recorders.”  The folks at the Lincoln Shrine have been very helpful to us be we still have not yet been able to ID this man.

12)  This is one of the only pics we have left that is probably taken directly from a film or some sort of production.  Is it from a horror film?  A children’s tale?  Many have said it reminds them of the Russian folktale “Baba Yaga.”  But which adaptation?  Please bear in mind that while most of these stills have been from the US, it is quite possible that some are from other countries.  Additionally, FYI, the hand-tinting on the photo was how the photo arrived to us.

13)  We’ve had many guesses on this lady as well.  Here are some of them:  Brenda Fowler, Mabel Todd, Virginia DaBuey, Mary James, Margot Irene, Eula Best, Victoria Shaw, Betty Bronson, Vera Lynn, Anna Neagle, and Victoria Shaw.  In order to “solve” this one–and the others as well–we probably need to see this photo reproduced somewhere and this woman’s identity confirmed.

14) Obviously a singer or performer of some sort.  We know she is NOT Carmel Quinn or Patricia Corbett.  The background of the image might hold some clues.

15) We know this is NOT Dave Thomas (founder of Wendy’s), William Rehnquist or Jerry Reinsdorf.  Who might he be?

16) This photo.  Though obviously inspired by the word of artist Hajime Sorayama, it is not one of his according to the artist.  (We checked.)  So what is it from?  Was it used in a film or maybe it was an advertisement for something?

17)  Then, there of course is this one.  For the long, involved story on this infamous photo, please see this link.


MANY THANKS!!!  We will happily update this blog with any solutions we are able to verify.

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