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Category: Unidentified Stills

Five members of '80s rock band Flying Tigers. Four male members gathered around lead singer Jumi O'Brien.

A MYSTERY NO MORE!: Ladies and Gentlemen, Flying Tigers!

Posted by: Cary O’Dell

Never say “Never”! With our September 14, 2022 blog post “Does Someone Know My Name?,” I thought the Library’s—and my—long mystery photo saga had come an end. In the beginning, we had over 100 unknown photos.  At the time of the September posting, we had just 17 left.  By any measure, this effort had been …

Unidentified still, possibly from film. Two puppets, gnomes or fairy tale figures, hand-tinted in the faces otherwise photo is black and white.. "Male" figure holds large knife. Keys hang in background.

STILL THEY HAUNT US II: Another Mystery Photo!

Posted by: Cary O’Dell

Yep, we’re going to try again.  Back in November of last year, we posted on this blog a now almost-infamous mystery photo that we have here at the Library; it’s the photo we call “Photo #33” a.k.a. “Two Dudes” a.k.a. “Are You Sure They’re Dudes?”  And while we haven’t identified that picture yet, we are …