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Junior Fellows 2022 Display Day Presentations

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For the past 31 years, the Library of Congress has convened the Junior Fellows Summer Intern Program.  The 10- week program, managed by the Internship & Fellowships Program (IFP), offers undergraduate and graduate students insights into the environment, culture and collections of the world’s largest and most comprehensive repository of human knowledge.  This year’s project selections were closely aligned with the informational objectives of the Of the People: Widening the Path initiative.

The program was offered virtually for the third year in a row, following a pivot in 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, to students across four U.S. time zones.  This year, 46 Fellows conducted research on 27 projects within five service units that consisted of cultural, scientific and digital initiatives that enhance access to and engagement with collections. Examples include “Mapping the Stories: The Legacy of Daniel A.P. Murray”; “Allillanchu! Andean Stories”; “Mapping Historical Demographics: Race and Inequity”; “Online Exhibit Curation: American Archive of Public Broadcasting”; and “Content Development: Library of Congress Youth Center.”

On July 20, the IFP team, with assistance from the Multi Media Group, OCIO, Human Capital Division and more, hosted the annual culminating event of each Junior Fellow Session – Display Day Interactive!  Open virtually to Library staff, attendees heard from Fellows in small group breakout sessions and were able to engage them in Q&A about their experiences. There was also a panel of four Fellows who discussed the ‘Unexpected Discoveries’ of their summers as well as two rounds of lightening talks which gave fellows the opportunity to answer questions about their research, final projects and overall experiences.

The public is invited view the online exhibit component of Display Day, complete with Fellows’ project summaries and videos.

The 2022 fellows (with hometown and school) are:

Mari Allison; San Diego, California; University of British Columbia

Shir Bach; El Paso, Texas; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Sarah Baluta; Lewisville, Texas; University of North Texas

Megan Bauerle; Rochester, Minnesota; Wesleyan University

Cailee Beltran; El Paso, Texas; University of Texas at El Paso

A. B. Bejar; Carteret, New Jersey; University of San Francisco

Vela Burke; Brooklyn, New York; Queens College, City University of New York

Analisa Caso; Hawthorne, New York; Simmons University in Boston, MA

Alondra Ceballos; Brownsville, Texas; Texas A&M University

Aimee Briel Clesi; Branford, Florida; University of Florida

Kathryn Colson; Urbana, Illinois; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Natalie Grace Coté; Lawrence, Kansas; George Washington University

Margaret Cuddihy; Ballston Lake, New York; University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Camille Dantzler; Jersey City, New Jersey; Howard University

Roger Davis Jr.; Anguilla, Mississippi; University of Mississippi

Andrea Decker; Fullerton, California; University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Cara  Decusatis; Strafford, Pennsylvania; University of Maryland

Elizabeth Dinneny; Sterling, Virginia; University of Maryland

Catherine Discenza; Tampa, Florida; University of Florida

Mateo Robert Gonzale; Buffalo, New York; Baldwin Wallace University

Ghazal Ghazi; Tehran, Iran; University of Oklahoma

Anika Fenn Gilman; Silver Spring, Maryland; Tulane University

Kimberly Grossett; San Antonio, Texas; The Catholic University of America

Kendall Henry; San Diego, California; Georgetown University

Daniel Hockstein; Springfield, New Jersey; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Rose Hollander; Grafton, Massachusetts; Tufts University

Melanie R. Holmes; Syracuse, New York; Howard University

Ava Kaplan; New York, New York; Pratt Institute

Ellie Kaplan; Syracuse, New York; University of California, Davis

Tatiyana Lyn Lewis; Silver Spring, Maryland; Mount Holyoke College

Cassidy Loft; Genoa, Illinois; St. Lawrence University

Mariah Marsden; Carthage, Missouri; Ohio State University

Olivia Meehan; Blacksburg, Virginia; Pratt Institute School of Information

José Molinelli; San Juan, Puerto Rico; Interamerican University of Puerto Rico

Khrisma McMurray; Indianapolis, Indiana; Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis

Anna Katherine Overstreet; Wiggins, Mississippi; Mississippi State University

Eugene Parrish; Stockton, California; Virginia State University

Alexandra Ptacek; Oakes, North Dakota; Arizona State University

Chandler Quaile; Powder Springs, Georgia; Vanderbilt University

Cesar Reyes; Sacramento, California; San Jose State University

Drew Robertson; Statesboro, Georgia; Mercer University

Emily Rocha; Montross, Virginia; University of Arizona

Joseph Rodriguez; Salinas, California; Duke University

Matthew Savage; Amherst, New York; University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Monica Soto; Bristow, Virginia; University of Denver

Amy Snyder; Richmond, Virginia; University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Learn more about the Junior Fellows Summer Internship Program at For more information about internships and fellowship opportunities, visit For information about careers and employment at the Library, visit

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