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Wasif is a young man with a beard and glasses.
Wasif Pervez was a participant in the Summer 2022 LOCI program. [Photo courtesy of Wasif Pervez]

LOCI Intern Spotlight: Wasif Pervez

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We regularly feature the interns whose hard work positively impacts the Library. Today’s interview is with a 2022 Summer participant in the Library of Congress Internship (LOCI) program, Wasif Pervez.


Describe your background.

I’ve lived in and around Montgomery County, Maryland for almost 18 years, ever since my parents and I emigrated from Bangladesh. My family lived in Silver Spring, until we moved to Gaithersburg in 2009. We’re actually in the process of moving right now, although we’ll still be in Gaithersburg.


What is your academic/professional history?

I’m currently a rising junior at the University of Maryland, College Park pursuing undergraduate degrees in English (with a concentration in Poetry) and Information Science, respectively. Although I’ve always had a passion for reading and writing, I’ve more recently developed interests in computers and technology. Through some of my Information Science coursework and internships like my experience at LOC, I hope to explore the intersection between technology and humanities further to find my dream career.

How would you describe your job to other people?

I’m currently working on the Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) team in the Library’s Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO). My team writes plans and procedures that assist the Library’s IT personnel in testing, recovering, and maintaining the Library’s systems. I support the BCDR team by compiling critical system data, assisting with test/exercise events, and updating plans to enhance the Library’s readiness to perform essential functions during major disasters and service disruptions. My work will also enable Library staff to execute recovery plans quickly and effectively during disasters.


Why did you want to work at the Library of Congress?

Libraries have always felt like home to me. I still remember summers where I spent days on end at my local library, reading and checking out books. When I heard about the Library’s internship program, I jumped at the chance to apply. This is definitely an internship I’ll never forget!


What is the most interesting fact you’ve learned about the Library of Congress?

This is a hard question because I’ve learned so much, but what really amazed me about the Library during my time here is how big it really is. In addition to being one of the largest repositories of writings and media in the world, the Library also hosts huge organizations like the Copyright Office and the Congressional Research Service. I had the privilege to visit not only the reading rooms in the Jefferson Building, but also the National Audio and Video Conservation Center in Culpeper, Virginia. I got to see so many antique recording and video devices, as well as their beautiful theater (which holds public screenings!).


What is something most of your co-workers do not know about you?

Outside of school and work, I recently began studying Arabic part-time. I’ve always loved learning languages, and Arabic is near and dear to my heart because of its special place in Islam. I’ve traveled to Saudi Arabia a couple of times, but I hope to visit many other Arabian and North African countries in the near future!

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