Blog Post Round-up: 2021 AHHA Interns

This is a guest post by Diana Gibbs, program manager for the AHHA Internship Program. For more information on the opportunities, visit AHHA Remote Internship 2022 and AHHA Onsite Internship 2022. Applications for the 2022 Fall AHHA internships are due April 25, 2022. Click to watch the video below featuring our 2021 AHHA interns!

A young Black man with a beard and glasses on the left, an image of a historical Black baseball team on the right.

Intern alumni share their experiences with participating in the Archives, History and Heritage Advanced Internship Program.

At the Library, we like to celebrate the accomplishments of our interns! In this post, we’ve rounded up the blog posts that the 2021 AHHA interns wrote during their time here.

Learn more about the lives of the enslaved workforce of our first president in Joseph Mitchell’s blog post, “I Require No More of Them Than Others Do,” George Washington’s Weekly Productivity Reports and the Lives of the Enslaved.

A nineteenth-century painting of Washington, portraying him in his frequently forgotten role as a farmer. His enslaved field hands are depicted at work behind him.

“Life of George Washington–The farmer,” painting by Junius Brutus Stearns, c. 1853, Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress.

Sarah Shepherd offers a window into Black Nationalism of the early-20th century by discussing a 1913 letter from Elizabeth Sykes in

“Send us back home”: Early Black Nationalism in a Letter to President Woodrow Wilson.

Four essays, written by Sarah Shepherd, explore civil discourse in the Woodrow Wilson Papers on women’s suffrage, the early civil rights movement, anti-Japanese immigration policy, and Prohibition.

In Race, Gender and More in the AFL Records, Mills Pennebaker discusses her experience researching issues of race, gender, regionalism, and class in the recently digitized American Federation of Labor Records.

Jay Baker explored Walt Whitman’s views and writings pertaining to ethnicity and race, identified relevant documents in the Library’s collections for a future online resource guide, and assembled information on poets of color influenced or inspired by Whitman.  Jay shares his analysis of Whitman’s handwritten draft of An American Primer in “What beauty there is in words!” Walt Whitman’s An American Primer.

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