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Archive: November 2014 (3 Posts)

Cornucopias: Heralding Nature’s Bounty in Many Forms

Posted by: Barbara Orbach Natanson

From my earliest days of coloring school worksheets, cornucopias are the symbol I associate with the harvest season and the Thanksgiving holiday many Americans will be celebrating this week. Also known as the “horn of plenty,” the typical representation features vegetables and fruits spilling forth in abundance. In searching the Prints & Photographs Online Catalog, …

Smiling woman dressed in outdoor winter clothes holds a large, old-style camera

Rising to the Bookplate Challenge: A New Flickr Album

Posted by: Barbara Orbach Natanson

What do bookplates tell us about book owners for whom they were designed? The small labels (also known as “ex libris”) were intended to be pasted inside an individual’s books to connect the book with its owner. But what other connections regarding the owner’s personal traits or interests might they reveal? Recently, we created an …