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Archive: March 2024 (2 Posts)

Children play baseball on grass field with view of small structure at back left and shadow of hills or mountains in background at right.

Play Ball!

Posted by: Melissa Lindberg

It’s that time of year – baseball season is upon us, and young ball players everywhere are getting geared up for their first spring games. We were not surprised to find that Prints & Photographs Division collections provide many examples of children enjoying America's pastime when searching the online catalog. Enjoy a selection of such images in this post.

Birds-eye view of orange groves, with shadow of mountains just visible in the background.

Pining for Citrus

Posted by: Melissa Lindberg

It’s usually right about this time of year when I start pining for warmer weather and fresh, local fruit. This may have something to do with my California roots. My family always had fruit trees, including varieties of orange, such as the one you see below. There were only a few months out of the …