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Double Take: A Tale of Two Oxen

Posted by: Kristi Finefield

One of my favorite ways to explore the vast collections of the Prints & Photographs Division is to look for connections between multiple collections that span different time periods. Quite by accident while searching for another photo in the Farm Security Administration/Office of War Information Collection, I found this fascinating 1942 photo of a stop …

The West and Midwest: Newly Added Photos from Carol M. Highsmith

Posted by: Kristi Finefield

Contemporary photographer Carol M. Highsmith’s decades-long project to document the entire United States sent her touring the Midwest and West during the last few years. Some of the states Highsmith photographed are: Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Utah, Nebraska, and both North and South Dakota. Thousands of those photos are now available in the Prints & Photographs …

More Jefferson Building Drawings Digitized

Posted by: Kristi Finefield

The Library of Congress Thomas Jefferson Building is one of the more ornately decorated buildings in Washington, D.C. When visitors walk into the Great Hall, they usually look up and around, taking in the painted murals, sculpted details, the colorful glass skylight, and the monumental scale of the space. Today, we will instead talk about …

New Year Greetings from Photographer Frances Benjamin Johnston

Posted by: Kristi Finefield

“Greetings and Hearty Good Wishes for the New Year from Frances Benjamin Johnston” reads this combination business card, greeting card, and 1904 calendar from photographer Frances Benjamin Johnston. In 1904, Johnston was thirty years old, had a home photo studio in Washington, D.C., at 1332 V Street, and was already well-established in the capital city. …