Feast Your Eyes: Food of the Middle East

The following is a  guest post for the Feast Your Eyes series by Arden Alexander, Cataloging Specialist, Prints and Photographs Division. Numerous photographs in the Prints and Photographs Division’s over 75,000 historical images of the Middle East show the people of the region harvesting, preparing, cooking, selling and enjoying food and drink.  Included in these […]

Feast Your Eyes: Fruit Forever Fresh in Still Life

The following is a guest post by Martha H. Kennedy, Curator of Popular & Applied Graphic Arts, Prints and Photographs Division. The vibrant colors and massive watermelon in this hand-colored lithograph first caught my eye. Tucked around, beside, and below the melon are rosy apples, golden pears, peaches, plums, blackberries, a cantaloupe, and dark and […]

Feast Your Eyes: Meatless Meatloaf Monday

The following is a  guest post for the Feast Your Eyes series by Kristen Sosinski, Processing Technician, Prints and Photographs Division. Calling all ovo-lacto vegetarians,* this blog post is for you! I recently stumbled across a photo of a baked bean loaf. Yes, that’s right, a baked bean loaf! The catalog record informed me that […]

Feast Your Eyes (Not): A Meat Boycott

Pictures relating to food and drink often place the fare alluringly front and center, drawing the eyes in an attempt to spur thoughts of pleasurable tastes and smells. But what about pictures that attempt to communicate about the absence or deliberate avoidance of food or drink? How do they get across their message? Pictures about […]

Feast Your Eyes: Sold on Chocolate!

The following is a  guest post for the Feast Your Eyes series by Mary Mundy, Cataloging Specialist, and Kristen Sosinski, Processing Technician, both of the Prints and Photographs Division. Two advertisements caught our eyes while searching for images of our favorite sweet treat. This photograph advertising H. McCobb’s Cocoa & Chocolate is interesting for its […]

Feast Your Eyes: Sweets in Store

The following is a guest post by Donna Collins, Photo Preservation Specialist, Prints and Photographs Division. On Valentine’s Day, candy and other sweet treats are popular gifts. With this holiday approaching, I browsed the Prints and Photographs collections featuring shops and stands that displayed such confections. The range of tempting locales was as varied as […]

Feast Your Eyes: Today’s Storage is Tomorrow’s Dinner

Today’s Storage is Tomorrow’s Dinner. These words, plastered across a photo of a wide array of fresh and canned fruits and vegetables, opened a 1942 filmstrip created by the U. S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). (If you never had the pleasure of watching educational filmstrips in school, here’s a quick explanation!) Drawing from the vast […]