May Day Scenes

Welcome to May–a month of sunshine, colorful blooms, and excitement for the summer! When the first of the month, May Day, rolls around, I think of flowers, ribbon poles, and a Renaissance fair vibe. As fortune would have it, I found these ideas encapsulated in a single photograph, below. As I continued browsing the Prints […]

Photographers and the Cherry Blossoms of D.C.

In about a week, residents and visitors in Washington, D.C., will witness the peak bloom of the cherry blossom trees given to the nation by Japan over 100 years ago. This annual profusion of pink and white blossoms on the trees encircling the Tidal Basin draws thousands of people. Many stroll along the water to […]

Life was Made for Love and Cheer: National Poetry Month

When each heart gives out its best, Then the talk is full of zest: Light your fire and never fear, Life was made for love and cheer. (Henry Van Dyke, “Inscriptions for a Friend’s House”) When American illustrator Elizabeth Shippen Green created a watercolor painting to accompany Henry Van Dyke’s “Inscriptions for a Friend’s House,” […]