Revisiting Rights-Free: WPA Posters—Perennial Favorites on Enduring Themes

The Prints & Photographs Division’s collection of posters produced for the Work Projects Administration (WPA) in the 1930s and 1940s is one of many highlights among the division’s extensive poster holdings. These posters touch on a number of themes, including public health and occupational safety, travel and tourism, recreation and educational programs and World War […]

Keep Mum: WPA Posters Do the Talking

Artists working for the Federal Art Project (FAP), a part of the Work Projects Administration (WPA), created thousands of posters between 1936 and 1943. The posters took on all manner of topics: public health and safety, cultural events and exhibitions, education, tourism, and wartime warnings, to name a few. Only a small percentage of those […]

The Wonders of the WPA Poster Collection

The following is a guest post by Hanna Soltys, Reference Librarian, Prints & Photographs Division. The Work Projects Administration (WPA) Poster Collection is one of the Library’s treasures. We’ve hosted many orientations in person and online about these posters, and this time we’re offering an introduction to the collection during the evening hours! On Thursday, […]

Posters on the Move

In a previous Picture This post, Poster Parade: Free to Use-and Animate!, we introduced an exciting collaboration with New York City’s Poster House, the first museum dedicated to the design and history of posters. The Library of Congress provided a selection of Free to Use and Re-Use posters from our extensive, international collections for a […]

Posters of the Winter Season

The following is a guest post by Jan Grenci, Reference Specialist for Posters, Prints and Photographs Division. Winter is one of my favorite seasons, what with the snow, and the cookies, and the caroling. There are a number of posters in the collections of the Prints and Photographs Division that illustrate some of the things […]

Travel Posters: A New Reference Aid

As we head into Memorial Day weekend, millions of Americans will hit the road thus launching the summer travel season. Get in the vacation mindset by having a look at the out of this world travel posters in the Prints and Photographs Division collections. A new reference aid “Around the World with the Library of Congress Poster […]

Focus on Eyeglasses

My latest Flickr album focuses on depictions of eyeglasses in the collections of the Prints & Photographs Division. Many of the images in the group are photographs, but a number of posters and prints appear as well. I added two WPA (Work Projects Administration) posters to the mix. Take a look at some equally worthy […]

Poster Parade: Free to Use–and Animate!

The Library’s vast, international poster collection is featured in the latest “Free to Use and Reuse” image set. You’ll find much to enjoy from the 1890s through the 1960s among the posters, which promote travel, commercial products, war propaganda, entertainment, and more. We selected these posters in a special collaboration with Poster House, a new […]