From Apples to Autumn Leaves

When searching in the Prints and Photographs Online Catalog (PPOC), one fascinating image can often lead to another. That is what happened when I was looking for apple images for the latest Flickr album How Do You Like These Apples? I included this Currier & Ives lithograph from the Popular Graphic Arts Collection in the album:

Apples. Lithograph by Currier & Ives, 1868. //

I also found the image below when searching for “apple” in the Popular Graphic Arts Collection in PPOC. Although this print is titled American Autumn Fruit, it was retrieved in my search because it was cataloged with the subject heading apples, along with grapes, watermelons, berries, pears, and plums:

American Autumn Fruit. Lithograph by A.J. Nurre, 1880. //

The chill in the air, and the word autumn in the title of the fruit lithograph, inspired me to search in the Popular Graphic Arts Collection for “autumn” and I found these two seasonal prints:

The Joy of Autumn. Lithograph by L. Prang & Co., no date. //

Autumn. Chromolithograph by Campbell, Metzger & Jacobson, 1905. //

The print titled Autumn, of a woman’s head surrounded by fall leaves, is printed on cloth as it is a pillow cover. As soon as I saw this print I was reminded of a photo that I recently came across in the newly processed Toni Frissell Collection. It is a self-portrait of the photographer reclined in fall splendor:

Autumn at Sherrewogue, St. James, L.I. N.Y. Photo by Toni Frissell, 1968. //

This chain of images shows how a fruitful search for apple imagery can lead to crisp autumn images and can tie together 19th century prints and 20th century photography.

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