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Category: Series: Caught Our Eyes

Photo of double rainbow taken over desert landscape in Arizona along historic Route 66.

Caught Our Eyes: Capturing Rainbows

Posted by: Melissa Lindberg

I recently came across this photograph when perusing some images from the Carol M. Highsmith Collection, and, hailing from the American West, I was cheered by its familiar landscape – not to mention the symmetry of the rainbow. As the title of the image indicates, the hint of a second rainbow is visible above the …

Caught Our Eyes: En garde!

Posted by: Kristi Finefield

One of the things I do as a reference librarian of visual materials is keep a folder full of interesting images I come across in my work. Our collections are full of opportunities for serendipitous discovery, and I keep my eyes open for compelling images like this 1923 photo from the National Photo Company Collection. …

Lend U.S. Your Eyes

Posted by: Kristi Finefield

“Will you supply eyes for the Navy?”  The arresting image of a blindfolded officer at sea, lost and confused, paired with that question, make this an effective poster – the image caught my attention and made me look and read further. This World War I poster is calling for help from the general population in …