Caught Our Eyes: World War I Train

Reference staff member Jon Eaker spotted this photograph several months ago in the Bain News Service photographs. Jon, who has looked at many a World War I photograph in our holdings, remarked: It may be my favorite of our WWI pictures. This beast symbolizes how the introduction of widespread mechanization changed warfare. It looks like […]

Caught Our Eyes: Santa Gets Credentials

Who can appreciate clear skies more than Santa? This 1927 Harris & Ewing photograph documents Santa receiving rather than giving: he gets the “all clear” to navigate the skies on Christmas Eve, complete with a pilot’s license. While a pilot’s license may not be on everyone’s wish list, anyone who has worked with historical photographs […]

Caught Our Eyes: Simple Gifts (that Keep on Giving)

Reference staff member Elizabeth Terry Rose, exercising both her keen eye and her artistic sensibility, offered her reflections upon seeing this photo by Samuel Kravitt highlighting Shaker design. “Sewing table and chair caught my eye for its timeless tidiness, its dignified peace, its light.  It is a Kravitt. It is a Wyeth, a Vermeer.  An invitation.” […]

Caught Our Eyes: You See the Strangest Things…

Reference specialist Marilyn Ibach spotted this scene among the thousands of photographs Carol M. Highsmith has taken in her project to document America. Marilyn’s comment: The immediate outline against the sky of a dinosaur skeleton, juxtaposed with a coy title that doesn’t confirm what you are seeing, makes you zoom in for a closer  look, […]