A Visual Salute to Nurses

The following is a guest post by Karen Chittenden, Cataloging Specialist in the Prints & Photographs Division. National Nurses Week recognizes the contributions of professional nurses, and this year we’d like to do the same by highlighting recently acquired photographs of wartime nurses who marshaled resources, medical skill, and courage to offer help in dire […]

Behind the Scenes: The Many Roles of a Photo Curator

Below is an interview with Micah Messenheimer, Associate Curator of Photography in the Prints & Photographs Division at the Library of Congress. Melissa: Thanks for speaking with us. Can you start out by telling us about your background prior to working here at the Library? Micah: Yes. I actually started out as a photographer, and […]

Caught Our Eyes: No Getting Past the Dog Days

No, this is not a post bemoaning the sultry heat of late summer (sometimes referred to, apparently for astronomical reasons, as the “dog days”). The Prints & Photographs Division’s dog days are prompted by the realization that various staff members highlighted portraits of dogs (some with accompanying humans) on the division’s “Caught Our Eyes” wall, […]

Remembering the Fallen in Photographs

One of the most enduring traditions of Memorial Day is the decoration of the graves of fallen service members with such items as flowers and American flags. This annual day of commemoration was at one time referred to as Decoration Day because of this practice. My grandmother grew up in the deep South, where tradition […]

Photographically Illustrated Books: A New Overview

The following is a guest post by Adam Silvia, Associate Curator of Photography. A new collection overview provides an entrée into the development of photographically illustrated books, which are well represented in the Library of Congress collections. What are photographically illustrated books? They are books that feature actual photographic prints to make a textual narrative […]

Celebrating Harriet Tubman and the Emily Howland Album

Last week, Prints and Photographs Division staff had an opportunity to participate in Washington, D.C.’s first annual celebration of Harriet Tubman Day, which represented several very satisfying convergences. The official Harriet Tubman Day is March 10th, the date of Tubman’s death (the date of her birth is not known). The celebration was held March 8th  […]