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Upcoming: Charting New Discoveries of the Manuscript Map of the Dagua River Region

Posted by: Amelia Parks

The Manuscript Map of the Dagua River Region, created in 1764, depicts a remote gold mining frontier in today’s Colombia. Art historian Juliet Wiersema and preservation scientist Meghan Hill will share results from their collaborative analysis which unearthed stories about African resilience, resistance, adaptation, entrepreneurship, and survival within the Spanish empire. A scientific examination of this map further draws back the curtain on how this large watercolor map was assembled using pigments and paper from across the empire.

Close-up view of two hands carefully at work on an aged, yellowing manuscript with handwriting

Preservation Week is Coming! Register Now

Posted by: Amelia Parks

Preservation Week starts April 24th and it’s one of our favorite times of the year! The trees are blooming and it’s time for the Preservation Directorate to fling open our (virtual) doors and welcome you inside. Learn about our line-up of webinars that will be presented next week.