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Category: Preservation

Making FETCH Happen

Posted by: Amelia Parks

In 2022, a software company operating a library inventory management system went out of business, leaving several large libraries in the lurch. Over the last couple years, the Library of Congress, along with other libraries in the ReCAP Consortium got together to create FETCH, a new inventory management system.

One woman listens intently while another speaks, gesturing with her hands towards a display screen and book on a counter behind her.

Knowledge Shared is Knowledge Squared

Posted by: Bobbi Hinton

The following is a guest post by Meghan Hill, a preservation specialist in the Preservation Research and Testing Division of the Library of Congress. Conference season is upon us; a time to learn about exciting new initiatives in the preservation field and in turn to showcase our own work, to reconnect with colleagues from other …

Preservation Staff Presenting at the Annual American Institute of Conservation Meeting

Posted by: Amelia Parks

Preservation staff will be presenting several papers at the American Institute of Conservation annual meeting starting May 20th. Come say hello and hear about topics such as scientific analysis of books from libraries around the country, non-invasive analysis of texts and images of medieval manuscripts, collection surveys, and conservation of an architectural model.