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Compilation of four images showing scientists using multispectral imaging, Raman, x-ray fluorescence, and fiber-optic reflectance spectroscopy instruments with four pith paintings.

International Outreach: Examining Pith Paintings from Lima to Canton

Posted by: Bobbi Hinton

Preservation Research and Testing Division hosted colleagues from Nottingham Trent University’s ISAAC Research Lab (Imaging & Sensing for Archaeology, Art History, and Conservation) as they explored the Library of Congress’ collection of pith paintings. Their international research project “From Lima to Canton and Beyond: an AI-aided Heritage Materials Research Platform for Studying Globalisation through Art” exemplifies collaboration on a multitude of different levels: between the cultures who produced the art, between institutions researching them in present day, between collections in multiple divisions within the Library, and even between different instruments for analysis.

From Jikji to Gutenberg

Posted by: Chloe Genter

On April 13th and 14th, the Library hosted From Jikji to Gutenberg, the Scholarly Colloquium, a meeting of scholars, historians, conservators, and librarians from seven countries. The colloquium is part of a scholarly effort to promote understanding and awareness in the West about early printing with moveable type in Korea that pre-dates Gutenberg’s famous Bible. Jikji is the abbreviated title of the world’s oldest extant book made with moveable type, printed in Cheongju, Korea in 1377, preceding the Gutenberg Bible by 77 years.

At-risk General Collection books. Photo Credit: Ronald J. Murray

Preservation Intern Profile: Julie Pramis

Posted by: Aaron D. Chaletzky

This is a joint post by Aaron Chaletzky and Julie Pramis. This past January, the Preservation Services Division (PSD) took on a new Preservation Intern: Julie Pramis. Julie is currently enrolled in the Masters of Science in Library and Information Science program (MLIS) at the Catholic University of America (CUA). She comes to PSD with …