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Three images side by side, showing close ups of the damage on different pages of the manuscript. The left image shows insect remnants, the middle shows a hair, and the right shows a flower pressed into the page.

Good Wood: Using Beech to Rebind a Medieval Manuscript, Part 3

A rolling cart with three shelves full of books.

Register Now: Assessing the Physical Condition of the National Collection

Two pages from Arts Companion, showing watercolor washes, test daubs of paint, and handwritten comments by a prior owner on topics from the text and famous artists’ palettes

The Artist as Reader? Looking at Dirty Books

Shelf view in Rare Books collection showing spines of Margaret Armstrong collection.

The Companionable Book Cover Designs of Margaret Armstrong

Compilation of four images showing scientists using multispectral imaging, Raman, x-ray fluorescence, and fiber-optic reflectance spectroscopy instruments with four pith paintings.

International Outreach: Examining Pith Paintings from Lima to Canton

manuscript in Arabic language

Finding Arabic Miniatures: a special project during the internship in the Library of Congress

Previously damaged items are bound for long term accessibility and storage

Why We Bind

Two women stand behind a desk, one measuring a book and the other cutting a strip of paper from a page of a book.

Dissecting Books in More Ways than One

A group of students works around a large table featuring various atlases and tools of bookbinding.

Atlas Binding Workshop