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Front facing portrait of Dr Banda. He is wearing a dark blue suit and tie, smiling at the camera.

The Impact of Jikji: A Conversation with UNESCO Documentary Heritage Unit Chief, Dr. Fackson Banda

Team members stand in a lab space reviewing a piece of parchment skin together.

Of Inks and Skins, and the Stories They Tell

What is the Planograph?

Close-up view of two hands carefully at work on an aged, yellowing manuscript with handwriting

Ask a Conservator Day: A Conversation with Kate Morrison Danzis

The Spooky Secrets Behind Pop-up Books!

A window inside the Rudolph model with cloudy glass, and visible cobwebs inside.

The Itsy-Bitsy Spider: An Unlikely Resident

Innovative Tools for Assessing Collections: The Stacks Survey

A photo of a man with dark hair and glasses smiling.

Backgrounds as Vast as Our Collections: Chris Bolser

Commercial Binding Industry: Standard Materials for Custom Binding