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Share, Save or Connect with the Library of Congress

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Did you find an image from the Prints and Photographs Online Catalog at the Library of Congress that you’d like to share with your social media connections? Have you refined a search in Chronicling America:  Historic Newspapers that would be perfect for your class project? Do you enjoy reading the various blogs by expert Library staff but forget to check them regularly?

The Library of Congress is working to make it easier for you to keep up with what’s new at the Library and to share your favorites with others. At the top of many pages of the Library’s Web site is a toolbar allowing you to share links through sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google, or to email, print or save the file. Look for the icons labeled Print, Subscribe or Share/Save.

Share and save toolbar

“Print” generates a printable page without the sidebars from the Web page. “Subscribe” opens a page where you can sign up to have updates about Library programs, events or blogs sent to you via RSS feed or e-mail. “Share/Save” offers a selection of social media tools as well as an e-mail feature or a permanent link to save in your browser or to embed in your own blog or Web site.

The share tools can be used with both colleagues and students:

  • Save class time by sharing search results that target the exact topic you want to study with your students.  The toolbar is available for individual primary sources as well as search results in both Chronicling America and the Prints and Photographs Online Catalog, for example.
  • The share/save option allows you to collaborate efficiently with colleagues. Pass along a lesson plan, analysis tool or teacher’s guide, or send the search results for classroom materials that meet your state standards.

How have you used the toolbar in your planning or teaching? If you haven’t, you could start by sharing this blog post.

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