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Our Second Anniversary

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“Anniversary Day”, 1884

“The Library of Congress means many different things to many people. But for teachers and students it represents a source of discovery and learning unlike any other.”

This time of year, some teachers are surprised to find that it’s already time for summer break. Those of us who publish this blog are surprised to find that it’s been two years since we first published the quote above and launched Teaching with the Library of Congress.

One thing that doesn’t surprise us: The Library’s collections continue to provide opportunities to explore and discover. Throughout this summer, we at the Library will be taking some fond looks back at our favorite posts for 2012-2013, as well as publishing round-ups of some of our most frequently covered topics. Today’s post also marks the beginning of our summer publication schedule, so you’ll have more time for contemplation between posts.

Meanwhile, we’d love to hear from you. What has the Library helped you discover this past year? And what would you like to see us do in the coming school year?


Comments (6)

  1. I would like to see you travel to sites more, although I realize the cost of such ventures. If you are ever near Lake Charles, LA, please consider stopping to meet with the Calcasieu Parish School System’s 65 school librarians. You would be more able to assist me in getting the word out about how great your resources are in teaching.

  2. I have appreciated many of your lesson plan suggestions and presentations of information helpful for specific materials related to upcoming holidays or historical anniversaries. However, could you adjust your timelines to write about these topics further in advance? I saw a few great suggestions that I would have liked to use, but your posts were timed such that it was already too late to integrate your suggestions into lesson plans.
    That said, appreciate this blog very much!

  3. PS
    I use Library of Congress online primary source materials at a minimum two to three times yearly for each of my 3rd to 6th grade classes in our elementary school library. We do primary source analysis and tie-ins to their classroom studies.

  4. These are very helpful comments! Neva, you bring up a useful point about the need to post well in advance of anniversaries, heritage months, and holidays.

    Let me ask the group: How far in advance should posts like those be published? How far is too far in advance, and how late is too late?

  5. I find that one month ahead works well for planning purposes.

  6. Happy Anniversary!

    Please keep providing creative sparks for new ideas and lessons for us to use in our classrooms. I copy the URLs to topics I think I could use in the future, and add them to my teaching notes. Sometimes it takes time to think through how and when to incorporate them well.

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