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Blog Round-Up: African American History and Primary Sources

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Since 1976, February has been designated  as a time to pause and reflect on the experiences and contributions of African Americans. Teaching with the Library of Congress has published many posts that show the impact of African Americans in a wide variety of arenas including the arts, sports,  literature, and politics, with a particular focus on work to ensure equal rights for all. Here is a selection of those posts.

Getting Started

Heroes of The Colored Race
Heroes of The Colored Race, 1881

Landmark Moments

Katherine Dunham by Phyllis Twachtman, 1956
Katherine Dunham by Phyllis Twachtman, 1956

The Arts


Share your favorite tips for teaching about African American history with primary sources from the Library’s collections.


  1. It really struck me that under “people”, there are no women listed. There are so many women who have been integral to Black history – Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks just to name the 3 most obvious – but also really interesting unsung heroes like Mary Bowser, spy in the Confederate White House during the Civil War. It would be great if the LOC would help to highlight some of the heroes who are not known or are too often overlooked, as we see here. Thank you for all you do!!!

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